Certain words immediately come to mind when you hear short hair style-sassy, perky, fun, youthful, elegant, chic, professional, vibrant, energetic, and even sexy. These are youthful and cute, not to mention easy to manage. If you do not have a lot of time to spend, but still want to look glamorous, a short style may be just right for you.

At first glance, many women think that long hair is versatile.  They think if their hair is short, they are stuck with the same style all the time. But there is much that can be done to style short hair differently. New styling products like gels, waxes, and mousse let you curl it, scrunch it, keep it straight, or put in a gentle wave. With short hair, you can look cute and sassy one day, appealingly sexy Saturday night, and professional and ready for the executive board room on Monday morning.

These styles are incredibly easy to manage and require a minimal amount of time to achieve a polished style. You can wash your hair, dry it with a towel, apply some hair mousse for a shiny, sleek look, use a hair dryer, and in just a few minutes your hair is styled. 

Short styles work well for any type of hair. Whether your hair is thick or thin, straight or curly, short hair when cut properly will look great. If your hair is thin in texture, a short cut will help your hair look fuller.

If you want to achieve a younger looking appearance, a short cut will help you look more youthful. Wrinkles seem to be more noticeable with long hair and miraculously are less visible with a short cut. You will look stylish and chic with a short hair cut.

You can achieve more than one style even with short  style with a good professional cut. Experiment with accessories like small bows and pretty clips. Hair accessories are not just for long hair. Because short hair lets your personality shine through, short hair can be very appealing to men. 

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