Different Types Of Hair Styling Shears

A hair styling shear provides  a great cut or trims the hair in order to achieve a desirable hair style. Hair styling shears are not typical scissors that can be used on paper and cloth. Hair stylists make use of this tool to create great hairstyles for their customers. The common denominator of upscale, big city salons and a town square barbershop is that they both use hair styling shears that does not cause any damage and breakage to a client’s hair.
There are different types of hair styling shears but the most common are cutting shears. These hair styling shears are made with materials that are not used on regular shears, that is why they are more costly. A special kind of steel is used in making these scissors that is why it would take a longer time for it to erode and experience problems. Usually weightless and easy to manage, this tools also limits breakage of hair when cutting and styling.
Another type of hair styling shear are Thinning scissors. Different hairstyles involves creating a layered look to the hair cut, therefore a thinning scissor is used. The hair is removed in subtle amounts thus enhancing the body of the hair most particularly to those with thick hair. The blades of thinning shears have numerous teeth making them look like two combs on a hinge.
Left handed shears are another type of hair styling shear that is used by left handed stylists. A left-handed shear has a different blade formation compared to a regular cuttling shear. Using the left handed shear for left handed stylists would make them more comfortable in cutting or doing a hairstyle because their hand is more relaxed. The cutting line for a left handed shear is more visible compared when they are using a regular cutting shear. This is to ensure the right angle and placement of the cut in creating a hairstyle.