The teens of today’s generation simply love being trendy and trying out new fashion styles that sets them apart from the rest of the crowd. They are not afraid of experimenting with new hair styles and set a bold example. The latest trend nowadays is punk hairstyles for girls. A perfect hairstyle truly enhances a girl’s beauty and confidence. Punk hairstyle is the most popular teens hairstyle. Punk hairstyles originated in 1970’s and even today, they are a popular trendy hairstyle. Some assume that this is a new hair style, but this haircut has been sported from 1970 and is still going great guns.

Punk hairstyles are full of fun and at the same time, they are unique, funky and very interesting. Punk hairstyles have been sported as a way of rebellion. And today’s girls are not scared of experimenting with new fashion hairstyles. This is the reason why many youngsters and teens boldly embrace these trendy short punk hairstyles for girls. This updo hairstyle is known for its colorful and erratic style and is very flossy. Generally, punk hairstyle is known to be experimenting with many different colors. Girl punk hairstyles suit those who can carry it with style and confidence and will suit on almost any face shapes.

Types of Punk Hairstyles
The best part of this girl punk hairstyle is that it can be worn by everybody. At the same time, with slight changes according to the wish of the wearer, it can give a totally new look. Let us know more about some of the punk hairstyles:

Skate Punk Style: This punk hairstyle is generally a short hairstyle where the hair is trimmed unevenly and the ends of the hair are dyed with different colors. This punk hairstyle is known to give a cute and naughty look. Kelly Osbourne was the one who made this hairstyle famous.

Death or Horror Punk Hairstyle: This hairstyle resembles a Gothic look. Firstly the hair is dyed in either black or black-blue colors and later spiked in Mohawk style or kept in prom punk hairstyle.

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