When it comes to getting a good hairstyle or cut there are many things you need consider. First comes the hair length. Whether you want to keep your hair short, extra short, medium or long. Next comes if the hairstyl

e suits your lifestyle or not. For example, if you don’t get much time to style your hair then consider going with short haircuts, also for no-fuss style you can consider extra short cuts or shaggy hairstyles. However, if you can spend some time in the morning styling your hair, then layered hairstyles are a great idea. The last important thing to consider is the face shapes and haircuts. Choosing appropriate hairstyles for face shapes is important, because a wrong hairstyle, instead of accenting your best facial feature, can accent unwanted features. Here are the various face shapes, and tips on choosing the right hairstyles for your face shape.

* Female and Male Hairstyles for Different Face Shapes

* Round Face Hairstyles

This is one of the common face shape types, and there are many options of hairstyles for face shapes for women and hairstyles for face shapes for men, when it comes to round face type. Round face shape people have a full looking face, and have a round hairline and chin. The widest point is at the cheeks and ear. And so such people should consider round face hairstyles, which covers the sides of the face, and gives a fullness at the crown, so that the face looks longer. Women can consider going with stacked bob styles, layered hairstyles, graduated bob styles, pixie cuts, etc. Men can consider round face shapes and hairstyles like layers, which cover the face side and are cut in a way to add volume near the crown.

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* Heart Shape Face Hairstyles

Picking up hair for your face shape such as heart face shape is quite easy. People with a heart face shape have a face wide at temples and jawline which narrows to a small delicate chin. This face shape looks very cute on women. If you have such a face shape then best hairstyles are romantic bob and graduated bob styles. Short sleek haircuts which have tapering hair strands on the sides also look great.


* Oval Face Shape Hairstyle

If you have an oval face shape then care needs to be taken to reduce the ovalness of the face shape. And hence picking up hairstyles for your face shape should be done with care. People with this face shape have a slightly narrow face at the jaw lines and the temple, and a gently rounded hairline. Getting a good cut with heavy bangs is a great idea, as this will help to reduce the ovalness of the face. Layered hairstyles with heavy Cleopatra style bangs is perfect for women. For men getting some messy styles with bangs covering the forehead can be opted for.

* Square Face Shape Hairstyles

Finding face shape haircuts for this face shape can be a little difficult, as this is not a common face shape. In this face shape, the jaw line is strong and square, and same goes for the hairline too. Women with such face type should opt for middle parting and get some deep layered cuts. The hair then should be flipped inward, which can be done by blow drying. This will help to minimize the prominent jawline. Also, a pair of blunt side swept bangs is a good idea. Short hairstyles for face shapes which are square shaped look great with buzz cuts or military cuts. If you want slightly longer cuts, then go with layered cut which fall on the sides of the face.

These were the various ideas on hairstyles for face shapes. So, go to a salon and get a good style cut by a professional. Take care to visit the stylist every 6-8 weeks to get a trim and maintain your style.

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