The medium hairstyles can be braided, pinned up or pulled back, left loose in a messy way or styled in the most perfect straight way. We can spice them up with hair accessories, starting from headbands and till the hair jewelry, even some natural flowers to make our feminity stand out. It is the perfect way between short hairstyles with a low maintenance and the long very versatile hairstyles. It has a bit of both of them, but a unique chicness to add.

Extra Straight Hairstyles

The extra straight hairstyles are the best in bob hairstyles, specially with extra straight bangs. It provides a strong look full of character and confidence, perfect for business women. Another straight hairstyle would be the choppy layered ones, that are a bit more versatile. You can style it in messy straight strands or a good girl look. The straight hairstyles are perfect to lengthen the face and to give definition to the colored strands we might like in them. It is such an elegant look that it doesn’t need anything else than a discreet hair accessory and it is perfect for any occasion.

Wavy Hairstyles

Wavy hairstyles are very classic, providing a smooth retro look. Side swept bangs are perfect for this case, that can be also waved if is long enough. If it’s done properly, the waves can create a very chic vintage look, or even a messy out-of-bad hairstyle. Depending on the style we wish to get, medium hairstyles are easy to style and have a long lasting structure that is easy to maintain. It fixes easily and rarely needs touch-ups. Perfect for everyday wear, to either an urban busy day or just a relaxed holiday wear. It provides a mysterious look, that can even get to a fairytale style if completed with some really nice hair accessories.

Curly Hairstyles

The curly hairstyles need an extra attention when getting cut. It needs a proper haircut to get the shape we want to, because the wild curls can often go unmanageable. It can be pinned up or pulled back, but even just left loose, it provides such a sophisticated look that it doesn’t need any more styling. If we don’t have natural curls, we can add some with the curling iron, or even with the flat iron for an even more interesting texture. It matches any outfit and it is a low maintenance style that looks great at any occasion.

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