Bangs add an element of interest to any hairstyle. These give a very contemporary look to men as well as women. Hairstyles with bangs are great to have a spicy and sexy look and can jazz up even the plainest of hairstyles. Of course, hairstyles with bangs also depend upon the shape of the face. ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ star, Anne Hathaway sported shiny bangs with great élan as Andrea, which definitely spruced up her looks and went in co-ordination with all the designer outfits.

Well, the average person is not aware that even bangs exist of different variations! The different types of hairstyles with bangs largely depend on the way the bangs are styled and even the texture of the hair. The shape of the bangs can help to highlight the features of the person. These also need to be planned according to the individual seeking to sport this style.

Hairstyles With Bangs:

Straight Bangs:
Straight bangs can be combined with a variety of hairstyles. These cover the foreheads and bring attention to the jaw line and lips. Hairstyles with straight bangs help to make a large forehead appear small. A normal ponytail can look spicy when combined with straight bangs. Here, the hair needs to be combed straight down and styled around the brows. The length of straight bangs is generally short or medium length. Remember, that straight bangs have no angle to them. These are somewhat common and popular because they can be combined with many other hairstyles.

Short Bangs:
These go well with short hairstyles. Here, the short hairstyle can be choppy with layers. For such wild haircuts such as these, you can opt for short bangs that can stick out and spice up the wild nature of the basic hairdo. These bangs can be made to look equally spunky in the particular manner of combing them. These can also go with short sleek hairstyles and can be twisted and given a slight angle in case of straight hair.

Bangs with Partings:
Bangs with partings can provide new looks for the individuals as compared to the regular bangs. Parted bangs go well with any face shape. These can be combined with different hairstyles and you would not have to think if you face shape is round, oval, square or heart shaped. These are versatile and can add glamour to any normal hairdo. Bangs can be straight, wavy, wispy or even blunt. These can be wild and wacky as well. If you are having a short hairstyle and the basic texture of the hair is curly, you can have short bangs and part them in the middle to bring a definition to your face. If you have long straight hair and need to get a new look without really losing the length, you can opt for parted long bangs. For these bangs, you can even have uneven edges as straight hair tend to fall flat out on the face. Parted bangs thus help to bring attention to the eyes, so you can highlight your eyes with a hint of mascara and eye shadow.

Side-Angled Bangs:
These work well when hair is let loose or tied up as well. These types of bangs are angled and brushed towards one side of the face. These require more combing and sometimes the use of gel or other hair products if you really want the bangs to stay that way for the night out. For bangs that need to be angled towards one side, you may need to grow them a little longer. An important tip: you can twist and scrunch up your hair and add a glamorous pin to the back and brush the bangs towards either side for an elegant look.

Hairstyles with bangs can help to change your overall look without really too many hassles. Always keep in mind the texture of your hair and face shape before you try something new. If the bangs are short, they can be easier to control and manage. Although high on the look factor, long bangs can end up covering your eyes and forehead completely. So, think about the practicality of these hairstyles and look for options that suit you best. After all, hairstyles with bangs can be flirty and fun; all you need to do is some experimentation. Simply enjoy the envious glances!

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