Depending on the length you’re going for, you can choose from many different hairstyles. Starting with short and till the long haircuts, men can have the most chic hairstyles ever. The trends are all free for your imagination, but here are the latest ones you can choose to boost your confidence.

Retro Hairstyles for Men

 Retro hairstyles that are most popular now, are the indie, grace hairstyles, or just some longer strands to get a vintage retro look. The short hairstyles are easier to maintain, they are a low maintenance look, all you need is a classy haircut and an alternative way to style it. The good part is, that having a classic haircut, you can make your hairstyle appropriate for any event, while spicing it up with some styling products, you can make the most edgy looks ever. If you opt for the shorter ones, or the longer ones, you can both ways style your hair straight, or make a stranger definition. Make your haircut extra straight, or leave its natural curl to emphasize it and make it layered. The single must haves for the retro hairstyle are the bangs.

 Another hot retro hairstyle for men would be the greaser hairstyles, which were very in style in the 50’s. Remember that these hairstyles need high maintenance, and lots of hair styling products for the perfect fixing. Make it school boy styled slicking it back, or pump it up in a rockabilly quiff in the front.


Mid Length Hairstyles for Men

 The mid length hairstyles are the most versatile ones. You can get punk haircuts with long bangs and short hair on the sides, surfer boy haircut with loose curls or waves, emo or scene haircuts for the wilder looks, mohawks or even a messy one with a shaggy style. Either way, it is an easy maintenance hairstyle that matches any personality and any style. Try different parting: side parts, long parts or make the no parting look. You might need a couple of strong holding hair styling products, but you might as well just leave it loose for a natural look. 

Long Hairstyles for Men

 The long hairstyles for men are usually associated with rocker hairstyles. The long hairstyles need a proper hair care routine to keep it healthy, so consider that before letting your hair grown out. You can get easily inspired from the celebrities: Nikki Sixx, Russel Brand, Dave Navarro, Jack White, even David Backham. Find the one that matches your style and go get your new haircut.

The Buzz Cut Hairstyles for Men

 If you want the hottest hairstyle of the year, the buzz cut hairstyle would be your perfect choice. Since Wentworth Miller got the bad boy look, this haircut is more than just hot. It is one of the most attractive haircuts for men. It is also a low maintenance and matches any occasion.

 No matter which haircut you would choose, the most important thing is to match it to your face shape and your personality. Adopt one of the men’s hairstyle trends and feel free to play with your hair in different styles and cuts.

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