Rihanna, from the beautiful island nation of Barbados, took control of the American music industry with her debut album entitled “Music of the Sun.” Her singles, beginning with “Pon de Replay,” dominated the Billboards. And eventually, she received a Grammy Award.

Her sultry voice mesmerized music lovers. And her enchanting face, framed by beautiful Rihanna hairstyles, charmed photographers and won over celebrity critics. Was Rihanna born with naturally beautiful hair that complements her perfect face? She was certainly born with a beautiful voice and good genes, but the gorgeous Rihanna hairstyles are not genetically-designed.

Rihanna’s hair compliments her face shape

With Rihanna’s hairstyles, the only role that genetics played is in determining the shape of her face. The shape of the face is the first and foremost aspect that will decide whether a certain hairstyle is jaw-dropping amazing, just acceptable, or hideously atrocious. And Rihanna is no exception.

Unfortunately, like most shapes of women’s faces, Rihanna’s face shape is a combination of two basic face shapes: the oval and the diamond. The ratio of the length and width of her face closely approaches the classic oval face. But due to her hairline, the width across her forehead is precisely equal to the width across her jaw line. This makes her face shape a diamond. Thus, whoever decides Rihanna’s hairstyles must consider this unique combination. Of course, ordinary fans do not need to become a hairstylist to decide whether a certain Rihanna hairstyle is great or not. In fact, there are only three things to remember.

Three important factors for Rihanna’s hair style

First, fans must remember that the purpose of hairstyles is to create an illusion that will make the face shape look closer to the oval shape. Rihanna’s face shape already has the correct width and length proportion, except for the considerably narrow forehead that makes her face shape a diamond. Thus, Rihanna’s hairstyles need to only make little adjustments in the forehead area.

To take care of the narrow forehead, most of Rihanna’s hairstyles included side-swept bangs. The rest of her face simply needs to be exposed. This is why Rihanna’s hairstyles explored the range of hair lengths, from short lengths to longer lengths. If the Rihanna hairstyle is long, she complements it with side-swept bangs or ensures that the sides of the hair hug her face. If the Rihanna hairstyle is short, she adds crown height or brushes the hair sidewise to add width to the forehead.

Second, fans must remember that your hair is your crowning glory. The hairstyle must highlight the best features of the face. In the case of Rihanna, she has stunning eyes that brim with mischief. These eyes can be best flaunted with bangs. Rihanna’s hairstyles can utilize virtually any type of bangs. She can even get away with Egyptian bangs. Besides the beauty of her eyes, Rihanna has full sensual lips that lead to a delicate chin. This feature can be highlighted by layers, best displayed with straight hair. The straight hair, due to the simplicity of lines, does not distract the eye from the face. Thus, the majority of Rihanna hairstyles involve straight hair.

And third, fans must remember that there is more to the Rihanna hairstyle than the shape of her face. The hairstyle should also reflect the body and the personality. Since Rihanna’s personality is that of a pop star who can handle any type of music, the Rihanna hairstyles tend to lean towards the trendy and the unusual. With her shapely body, the wide array of choices of Rihanna hairstyles becomes wider.

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