It is believed that women with short haircuts are bold, confident and stand out from a crowd. While this is not an attempt to generalize any sort of belief, it is true that not every woman is willing to forgo her long locks for the sake of convenience and low maintenance. However, it is also a fact that women with shorter hair are giving up the many ways of styling their hair, particularly for formal events where it is necessary. Yet, it is not impossible to style your hair if it is short. Be it prom formal hairstyles, hairstyles for a red carpet event, or a wedding, there’s a hairstyle for all of you, with your straight, wavy and curly locks. Learn about these short formal hairstyles for women, here.

Formal Hairstyles for Short Hair

Even if your hair is short, whether or not it is easily manageable is a big question. The natural hair texture plays an important role when it comes to deciding on the various haircut styles and ideas you want to choose from. As such, when deciding to keep short hair and styling it for formal events, ensure that you take good care of it to attain the desired texture. It is interesting to note that when it comes to short hair, there is not much difference in the way it is styled, be it semi formal hairstyles or formal hairstyles. Short hair has a charm of its own, that is enough to dazzle onlookers and look exquisite. Take a look at the different styles that you can choose even for formal occasions.

Pixie Haircuts
One of the best short hairstyles for formal occasions is the pixie haircut. It would look better if you had straight hair, and when sprayed with a little mousse, would stay in place all through the event or occasion. Though you can have your short pixie haircuts look funky simply by using your fingers as a combing tool, it is ideal to keep it simple at a formal event.

Bob Hairstyles
If you have slightly longer hair, then you can choose from the numerous bob hairstyles that are in vogue nowadays. From the inverted bob, to the layered bob, to the wavy and curly bob, the list is endless. Just start with a simple bob, and take it places with the options mentioned below.

The straight layered bob hairstyles are one of the most popular among those with short hair. All you have to do is straighten your hair with a flat iron, and apply some hair spray so that the hairstyle is maintained through the occasion. Even if you have a bob haircut with bangs, it can easily be styled to suit a formal occasion.
A popular trend that has made it back to the red carpet is the inverted bob haircut, that is longer in front and shorter at the back. Again, all you need to do is straighten your hair and voila! You are ready for the evening.
For a slightly more trendy look, you could try curling out the tips of your hair. This does not mean rolling out the hair like retro curls, but giving the tips a mild outward curl. This is easier if you have what are known as choppy bob hairstyles. These look smart and will go down well at an formal event.

Wavy and Curly Hairstyles
Whoever said that women with short hair could not sport curly hairstyles is completely wrong. You will be amazed at what you can do with your hair if you want to flaunt different short, curly, formal hairstyles.

If you have a simple bob hairstyle, attain a beautiful wavy look by adding rollers (of different diameters, if possible) to your hair, to give it a soft, romantic wave. This also adds volume to your hair and gives it a well styled look. Wavy hair, long or short, looks great on all your formal outfits and occasions. As such, you don’t need to think twice before opting for these short wavy hairstyles.
If you want a completely curly look, then use very thin rollers to create ringlets in your hair. Alternately, you could use a flat iron to create this hairstyle. Always use a heat protection serum before you expose you hair to such intense heat. If you already have curly hair and are looking for some short formal hairstyles to sport with it, you may take a look at this piece on short hair styles for curly hair. As is the case with wavy hair, even curly hairstyles when sported with short hair look classy, elegant and sophisticated.

You may also take a look at this information on formal hairstyles and formal updos, though making updos with shorter hair may be slightly tricky.

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