Changing hairstyles, especially going from long to short, can be a major decision. In contemplating this decision, there might be some serious concerns, especially if this will be the first time that the world sees the new you with short hair. Even with any kind of apprehension about going from long to short, the following information shows that there are many reasons to consider any type of short hairstyles.

The first step in making the change is to overcome the worry about losing the long locks. Many women yearn to make the change knowing they will prefer the short look but find themselves latching on to the hairstyle of their early 20’s. There is a sort of fear these women have in letting go of their locks. But, the fact is, that at some point in life, a shorter hairstyle might be more suitable and flattering for the mature woman.

Obviously, as with any change in style, there are pros and cons to making each change. However, in speaking of the change from longer to shorter hairstyles, there seem to be more advantages to making the clip than disadvantages. To begin with, a shorter hairstyle allows for more flexibility in suiting any type of lifestyle. If the right qualified hairstylist is chosen, there is a wide range of cuts and styles to choose from. The options are unlimited! This allows for going from sassy one day to curly and elegant for that very same night.

A beautiful style depends on a good cut. Once the perfect cut is achieved, there are many ways to style that cut including dramatically curly, subtly wavy or sharply spiked. And, with the use of tools like gels, sprays, and hair dryers, there are an unlimited amount of styles that can be achieved. One of the most important and popular styling tools is the hair straightener or flat iron. A hair straightener can easily transform parts of the hair or change to whole entire style altogether.

Another advantage of wearing a short hairstyle is that it can be ever-changing and never dull with all the different styles that can be a worn. Most people with long hair often wear it back in a pony tail for convenience which can become monotonous. On the other hand, with a short hairstyle, the shape can be changed in many different ways as the hair grows for variety in styling. All types of hair can be worn short. Thicker hair can be cut in layers to create a sleek look while thinner hair might look best cut into a bob or a crop cut which allows for a fuller appearance.

Short hair is perfect in staying current with the latest fashions. This is because so many of the classical styles that were once very popular years ago have suddenly come back into the mainstream. Some of these include the shag, bob, and pixie cuts. It is sure that if one of these styles is worn it will never go out of style.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of short hairstyles is the convenience and ease of care that these styles allow for. This applies most directly to those in the business world who need a style that looks professional but is also easy to manage with a busy lifestyle. A short cut allows for a hairstyle that can be managed just by washing, adding a small amount of gel, towel drying or blow drying for a moment, and then simply heading out the door. Because of the lack of length, shampooing and conditioning takes only moments and styling is fun and easy. And, with the right haircut, hair falls into place naturally without any fuss.

Mostly, a short hairstyle offers an unlimited amount of achievable looks from stylish and chic to sensual and sexy. Whether dancing at night or refined during a business day, short hairstyles are the way to go for easy change quickly. An out-of-date long hairstyle will be immediately transformed to something dramatic and stunning by changing to a short hairstyle. Most women, after making the change, are amazed how much younger they look and feel. The positive change from long to short can be felt from the inside out! Most women immediately feel more energetic and vibrant just by making the cut.

The time is right to shorten up your hair if you are ready for an amazing change and are tired of the same old hairstyle of previous days. The most important thing to remember is that there is nothing to lose; if the cut does not fit your lifestyle, the hair will grow back! Chances are though, after making the change to a short hairstyle, you will never go back.

Finally in grappling with any last minute concerns, keep in mind that short hairstyles do not have to look boyish. The following tips can help maintain an attractive and stylish look:

* Perming the hair adds volume, height and curl

* Use a razor edge cut to soften the hair

* Try different ways of wearing your short hair–slicked, spiked or naturally tousled are only some of the options

* Add layers for a completely new look

* Choosing a new angle for the cut keeps it trendy and stylish

* Use jewelry or pins to pull back short strands