Emo Hairstyles For Girls with Short Hair
Short emo hairstyles can be for guys as well as girls. But, nowadays short emo hairstyles for girls are becoming a fad as it makes them look voguish. Read more on female emo haircuts.

Mohawk hairstyle is one of the coolest short emo hairstyles for girls. The hair can be either cut in the shape of a Mohawk or can be styled with gel giving that shape. This hairstyle is really ‘in’ these days and can make heads turn. The mohawk hairstyle looks great on all types of hair with lots of variety. The ‘short and spiky’ look complements the girls who have short hair. Mohawk hairstyle is also very popular among guys. Know more on short hairstyles.

Short emo hairstyles for girls include the multicolored hairstyle which mostly comprises short haircuts of varied colors. You can certainly experiment with various colors in this hairstyle but don’t forget to include red and black as they make your hairstyle look trendy and more prominent. It is better if you include bright colors in multicolored emo hairstyles for short hair.

Short emo hairstyles for girls are a little difficult to maintain and do seem complex to some people. If you feel you cannot maintain the complicated emo hairstyle and regular styling is not possible for you then you can go for the short and straight hairstyle. Short and straight hairstyle is nothing but cutting your hair really short like a ‘boy cut’. You can make it look like an emo hairstyle by keeping the ends of your hair spiky. You can wear accessories like skull clip, black bow or a black headband to make it more prominent. It is also one of the cute short emo hairstyles for girls.

Emo hairstyles are meant to have a frizzy look. However, they are difficult to maintain. Kinky emo haircuts for girls give a messy look like you have not combed your hair since ages or as if you have just got up from your sleep. This kinky hairstyle is however, very cool and popular among the teenagers. You can either make your own hairstyle using lots of spray and comb or go to a salon.

This is also one of the cute emo hairstyles for short hair. It gives you more of a girlie or childlike look. It is a bob cut with straight across bangs. Some girls also make this hairstyle in a way as to look more mature and feminine. You can also decorate your hair with the help of many hair accessories. You might also be interested in:

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