History of Emo Hairstyles

Emo hairstyles were a revolutionary trend in the world of punk music in the 1980s, which later turned out to be a style statement. The first, famous emo music bands were ‘Rites of Spring’ and ‘Embrace’ whose music was a sub-genre of the punk rock type which had melodic tunes, and their lyrics were related to strong personal feelings and even self-confessions. The members of such emo music bands had on black stylish apparel and sported trendy haircuts. These haircuts later started becoming a fashion trend, especially with youngsters and teenagers. Such hairstyles were named ’emo’ which pertained to emotional. Nowadays, short emo hairstyles for girls are very popular and are considered voguish.

Emo Hairstyles for Short Hair

Similar to several other rebel looks, emo hairstyles can be worn by both boys and girls. A majority of people who sport an emo hairstyle have black hair. Some may not like black hair, but still can try an ’emo’ look. However, black hair tends to be the most seen among individuals showing off the emo hairstyle. When it comes to emo hairstyles for girls with short hair, some may even try the option of having bleached not only blond but every color of the rainbow. You need to remember that emo can mean different things to different people, and may stem ranter or Gothic hairstyles, which range from all-black to all-pink or any other color shade in the middle. The colors in emo hairstyles for short hair speculate on an attitude of self-expression. Read more on female emo haircuts.

The following are some of the most popular emo hairstyles for short hair, that are sported by both boys and girls.

Short Shag
The ‘short shag’ is one trendy hairstyle which is better for short hair, especially for girls, and is similar to a ‘mullet’. It is a stylish unisex cut due to the variability of the length. This type of style looks very decent on business women. Just because the top has the shortest layers, bottom falls to the shoulders or above, is thin and scraggly, the hairstyle can be misidentified for a mullet.

Beatles-like Emo Hairstyle
In their respective times, the Beatles band sported a rebel-like look using their hairstyles. Similarly, the ’emo’ is a rebel-like look of today. However, the hair of Beatles’ band members was considered long in their time, but now that style is short. Today’s emo hairstyle is like a more trendy Beatles-like hairstyle which is basically a bowl cut worn by both boys and girls. There are several famous personalities who have worn emo hairstyles in the past, like Keira Knightley, Rihanna, Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson. Read more on famous hairstyles.

Reverse Mullet
One of the more fashionable emo hairstyles for short hair is the ‘reverse mullet’, also called ‘long bangs’, which is short from the back and long in the front. This short haircut includes bangs which swoop to any one side and often goes past the nose. On certain occasions, the bangs are of a different color than the rest of the hair, but sometimes the complete cut is black.

‘Mohawk’ is another trendy short hairstyle which looks great for short hair. When it comes to the color of emo hairstyles, you have the option of having a combination of various different colors or any single color such as red, green, pink, yellow, aqua, blue or purple layered with mainly black hair. It is better that the fashion clothing goes along with the hair color. Read more on emo haircuts for girls.

The emo fashion and hairstyle trend is evolving nowadays, and is not the same as it was some decades ago. Emo hairstyles for short hair are one of a kind, and show a lot about the wearer’s sense of style. So if you have short hair, you can try the emo look, and check if it suits you better.


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