Short hairstyles have become very popular with celebrities as well as the general public over the last decade, as the variation of styling options have left clients pretty much spoiled for choice.

Short hair cuts are daring and can boost confidence, while at the same time make you look younger and more intelligent. Such hairstyles are popular among career women as the look tends to project a strong feminine image and allows for minimum maintenance.

This hairstyle length not only has the heritage of the classic look but also the look of the ultra- modern, which in actuality makes this look timeless. When creating a short hair style consider the facial contours and build the creation around those features.

Using gel on short hairstyles give that chic classic look and textured with gel can give you that wild punk look. The bob is a good contemporary choice when texture is added and combined with an asymmetric length for that modern look. Layering with product enhanced razor tips creates that shattered look and the short back and sides with wisps are another low maintenance favourite. Short cuts with long layers give variety and scope, while short dipped fringes open up face and eye area. The textured crop on short hairstyles gives that up to date look whilst swept fringes and partings tend to be more flattering.

Short hairstyles can be considered a bold statement but is a statement that is met and appreciated with much visual appeal, both for the wearer and observer alike.

Karl Powell is a freelance hairstylist who not only enjoys creating his own hairstyling magic, he is also fascinated by the way this art of scissors and comb raises a person’s good feeling about them self, just from 1 hairstyle creation. He feels, this art that we hold in our hands, is a gift of self-esteem to our clients. If you would like to read more related articles and learn more about creating hairstyles like a professional hairstylist visit