Hair plays a very important part in our appearance. It is not only a marker of beauty but the hairstyle also reveals a lot about a person’s attitude, his or her personality and appeal towards the opposite sex. It was ritual in medieval India to cut the hair of widows so that they do not appeal to the opposite sex anymore and more than that they themselves should feel themselves to be worthy of attention. If we start losing hair we get stressed and start reading the columns of magazine, which deal with hair, care questions and everybody is interested in looking different by changing their hairstyles. It speaks volumes about the person’s thinking and its volume speaks about the person’s health.

People who have long hair want a short haircut, people who have short hair want long hair, people with straight hair want curls and people with curly hair want straight hair. But getting a cut that you saw on your friend the other day might not look good on you because hairstyles are to be determined on the basis of the shape of the face and your overall figure. So here we would discuss about the short hairstyles and the kind of faces it would suit upon.

Facts about Short Hairstyles

Short hairstyles can really make you look chic but only of you know how to carry it since it is different from the conventional but nowadays women find it convenient to have a shorter hairstyle than a longer one since a short hairstyle is far more easy to maintain than a longer one. It gives a compact look and it can go with any kind of hair, be it curly or straight.

If you like a short hairstyle, definitely consider and discuss it with your hairstylist but do not be hell bent to get that particular one because you might not look good with it since any hairstyle that you get should underline and accentuate the good features of your face and draw least attention towards the not-so-good features of your face.

Before considering a “short hairstyle”, it is better to know that it means hair that would fall above the shoulder line and nowhere above that. So before you go for short hairstyles consider the fact that whether you would be at all comfortable with a short hairstyle.

Let me give some basic pointers regarding the shape of the face and the kind of hairstyle that would be apt foe each one of them:

Women who have a long face should go for styles that have blunt ends so that the face looks wide because short hairstyles otherwise make your face look longer since the most of you have a long neck and the moment your neck shows, it gives your face an effect of length. So one reminder is don’t cut your hair too short. You can go with short hairstyle that would be chin length, you can experiment with a combination of layers and asymmetrical bangs which would gives your hair.
On the contrary women who have a rotund face should go for shorter hairstyles that would makes their face look longer which can be generally achieved by cutting the hair into wisps that are pointed.

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