Your short hair needs intensive care and maintenance if you want to flaunt different kind of style. It is said that short hair is easy to handle and manage but at least some caring is needed also. Here we are going to provide some advice on the maintenance of short hair. If you have not watched a short hair stylish woman for a long time then apply the following tips on your hair and get the instant results.

1.Trim your hair: You could trim your hair within six weeks. This is because if you want to maintain the short hairstyle regular trimming is must. If your short hair becomes long then your cut will be destroyed and cannot be recognized. Regular trimming is also good for the health of the hair. It helps to cut the split and damaged hair and helps to repair the hair. For long hair also hair trimming is important for natural growth of hair. Split hair ends hampers the natural growth of hair be it long hair or be it short hair.

2.Regular shampooing: Shampooing is very important for maintaining a short hair. Like long hair short hair does not keep the natural oil of the scalp that’s why dirt gets sticky to the scalp. Hair should be cleaned on daily basis. It helps to get rid of greases and clean the hair and scalp.

3.Using less conditioner: If you have dry hair then use a conditioner but only on the ends of the hair. Not at the root of the hair. But, if you have normal hair then avoid conditioner. Using conditioner on the scalp makes your scalp greasy. Your hair may be dry and unmanageable then using a conditioner is a smart choice.

4.Make your hair volumed: Your hair id thin and fine? Don’t mind. Solution is here. Use some good volumizer on to the root of the damp and dry hair before blow-drying. Volumed and bouncy hair criteria, which make your hair praiseworthy and attractive. For thin and fine short hair, using this product is an intelligent option.

5.Use your blow dryer: You may use your blow dryer but the thing that should be kept in mind is that using it too much can damage the hair texture. And for the short hair it would be more disastrous. Only use a dryer until it is a little bit of damp and wet. And then dry it normally. Blow-drying incessantly makes your hair dull and fuzzy.

6.Apply hair-texturing products: hairstyling tools and products like waxes; pastes and mousse can give your short hair a young, intelligent, modern look. But be careful. Do not use these kinds of products excessively. Just apply a little on your dry hair.

7.Keep your hair edges soft: short hair cut looks good with soft edges. Softly layered hair cut is good to view. Therefore, try to avoid blunt lines.

8.Experiment with colors: Though bold colors go best with short hairstyle but you can also use a lot of shades on your short hair cut. But it is always recommended to consult your hair expert before coloring your hair. Chunky blonde highlights or a rich chocolate shade looks great on short haircuts.

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