Your curly hair can be at sometime seem to you problematic as taking care of curly hair is very difficult. Any type of hair cut cannot be recognized on your hair easily. So you sometime want to straighten your curly hair to get rid of these problems. The funniest thing is that one, who has a curly hair, wants to have a straight plain hair; and one who has plain hair wants to apply a curly hairstyle. Again a short hairstyle does not match every one. But if you can manage your curly hair then your curly hair can make your hairstyle statement eye catching. If you want to make your hair short and curly then it can be a good decision, as curly short hair looks younger than any kind of hairstyle. You can understand the look if you have seen the film ‘Dil Chahata Hai’s’ Preity Zinta’s hairstyle Dressing sense, hair styling and body structure determine whether a curly hair is a hit or a miss. To try a curly short hairstyle you need some considerations to maintain. The followings will help you.

You have to think before applying the curly short hairstyle whether your hair texture is supportive to this style or not. If your hair is thin then you should not think to apply this hairstyle on your hair. If you have wavy hair type then you better avoid this hairstyle. It is not perfect for applying a curly haircut. This is because it can be looking like a burden on your head and you cannot feel comfortable in this cut. So consider before applying this how your hair texture is- thick, coarse, and wavy and then imagine how it will be looking on your hair texture. It must not be a burden on your head. A curly hair normally needs extra time, care and attention comparing to plain hair. Curly hair needs to be combed regularly unless it will be fizzy and knotty. All these can give you some real trouble. So be sure how much time you are planning to spend on your short curly haircut and style. And, then cut your hair.

Another thing is also very much important and that is your shape of your face. Face is a crucial factor determining how the entire look will turn. If you as for instance have long face then you can apply this style. For a long face a long plain straight hairstyle is not complementing. Long face with short curly hair is much good looking than the other combination. But if your face structure is big and jaw line is quite defined and large then its better not to try a curly short hair. Your head will be looking like a big bulk. It is better to stay away from this experimentation. A bulky curly hairstyle focuses only your head in your body structure.

Last but not the least you have to be clear in your mind that what type of hairstyle and hair cut you want.

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