First, let’s have a quick definition of what having fine or thin hair really means. Basically, the ‘fine’ in the phrase refers to the diameter of each individual hair strand. This means that you can have fine hair which looks thick because the strands are packed more into each square inch of your scalp.

Or, you can have fine hair which looks really thin because the hair strands themselves are already thin in the first place – and they are sparsely populated within each square inch in the scalp.

So depending on whether you have thin, fine hair or thick, fine hair, the best way to have a head start in choosing the short hair styles for fine hair that will suit you best would be with your hair cut. Always consult your stylist and tell them the look that you would like to achieve, starting from maybe the length of hair that you would like to have.

Take Your Pick from these Short Hair Styles for Fine Hair

Now, if like the convenience of having short, fine hair that is pretty much low maintenance, here are the short hair styles that you can choose from:

Feather Cut for Short, Fine Hair – To achieve this short hair style for fine hair, your locks will be cropped in such a way that the ends will feather on the face lightly. You can best style this cut using a forward motion with a blow dryer, after which you can add some mousse to the crown and finish the do using a styling brush. The Pixie Cut – There are two short hairstyles for thin hair that you can use if you have a pixie cut. For a more sophisticated look, you can use a paddle brush to create smooth lines and put your hair close to your skull. On the other hand, you can also use a styling mousse and create a sexy, just-out-of-bed look with your pixie hair cut. The Bob – The best way to add some volume to thin, fine hair is to go for a bob cut. It can either be the straight bob that singer Rihanna used to wear, or a slightly layered bob that will add texture to your locks. These two short hair styles for fine hair will add the much-needed volume to your hair. Naturally Curly – Let’s say that you have natural black hair. The easiest way to wear your hair without having to spend too much time in the salon is by styling it in a natural, curly and short hair style. Again, you can go for the rumpled, just out of bed look by styling your curly hair this way and that. Or, you can go for a more romantic, feminine look by taming your locks into a more severe style. Straight with Layers – Finally, you can add some texture and volume to your fine hair by having it cut in a straight, layered style.

No matter which of these short hair styles for fine hair it is that you end up choosing, what’s important is for you to choose one which will make you feel and look your best – so go ahead and try which one will make you feel like the true glam diva that you really are!

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