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Face shape is one of the most important considerations when choosing the best hairstyle for you. It is because style is all about shape and geometry. Everything can be a disaster if a certain style is created for the wrong face. Best hair design is the perfect frame around the set individuals face in balance and perspective to the overall shape. The form must emphasize the prominent attributes and to promote and praise the best features.

The shape of the face is the starting point of choosing the style. The hair texture and color will follow after the facial shape analysis has been reached. It is usually the job of the stylist to know which type is best for you. It will also help a lot in order to understand personal face shape and what does fitness or just for you. It is always better to communicate with your stylist and somehow keep them honest.

The general rule in face shape is to achieve the oval face is the most perfect and attractive form to the human eye. Shorten long faces are as wide faces need lengthening. Here are the pros and cons of certain face shapes:

Choosing the right hairstyle suits your face shape

Oval face shape: only slightly narrower at the jaw line than at the temples, with a gently rounded hairline.

Pros: variety of styles that is short, medium and long hair designs.

Disadvantages: heavy bangs, or forward-facing styles.

Round face shape: looking for full -face with a round chin and hairline. Widest point on the cheeks and ears.

Pros: hairstyles with fullness and height of the crown, short hair longer than chin length, the upper layers, cut relatively close to the face.

Cons: chin length hair styles with short-short crops, straight or ” chopped ” bangs, a rounded haircut ending at the chin, the center parts, fullness at the side of the ears.

Square face: a strong, square jaw line and usually an equally square hairline.

Pros: short – to- medium length hair, wispy bangs, eccentric parts of the height at the crown, were, the crown height, or wave to curl.

Disadvantages: long straight styles, ” Linear ” straight bangs or center parts, a straight bob ending at the jaw line.

Heart face shape: face is wide at the temples and hairline, narrowing to a small delicate chin.

Pros: chin length or longer styles, side -parted hair swept forward or layers around the top, with soft wispy bangs, shorter styles with the weight in the back neck area.

Disadvantages: Short, full styles, too much height of the crown, slicked back looks.

Triangular face shape: back of the heart – shape, a dominant jaw line with narrowing at the cheek and temples.

Pros: shorter hair, off-center parts, wedges and shags look entirely at the temples and taper at the jaw line, tucking hair behind your ears.

Disadvantages: long, full hair styles, too much height on the crown.

Diamond face shape: cross between a heart and a dramatic oval, widest at the cheekbones, and narrow at the forehead and jaw line.

Pros: variety of styles, short hairstyles, weight in the back neck area.

Cons: too much hair on your face.

Rectangular or oblong face shape: long and slender, about same width at the forehead and just below the cheekbones, the forehead may have a very narrow chin or a very high.

Pros: Short to medium lengths, fullness at the sides of your face and wispy bangs, layers, side, center parts

Cons: too much hair length and weight

Get information on Hollywood Celebrity Hairstyles and Long hair style. And Visit http://www.all-hairstyles.com/ for beauty makeup tips & hairstyle.

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Have you seen a celebrity hairstyle lately that you felt you would look good in? If you did, then you are amongst many people on a daily basis who aspire to get a celebrity hairstyle. The fact is that the more trendy styles whether it is clothing or hairstyles are brought upon by celebrities. Most of the top designers and hairstylist will use celebrities to showcase new trendy hairstyles to advertise their services.

If you are looking for an example of how superstars haircuts can affect so many people, you can take Haile Berry for example, she gave so many women the courage to sport a short hairstyle. It is not difficult to mimic a celebrity hairstyle if you have a good hairdresser, but before you do, it is important to make sure that the hairstyle fits your facial features.

A celebrity hairstyle can be great for your image if you know how to choose the right style. Taking a celebrity hairstyle and making it your own can also give you a fresh exclusive look. We all know that looking good means feeling good, so a fresh new trendy hairstyle will do wonders for your confidence.

There are some advantages to copying a celebrity hairstyle and also some disadvantages. Some of the disadvantages are the popularity of the hairstyles. There is a chance that everyone else might be wearing the same hair do as you. Another disadvantage is not having the knowledge of an experience hairstylist to give you the specifics of how to maintain your new superstar hair do. The knowledge of your new hairstyle is important because you do not want a hairstyle that involves too much upkeep. Knowing what goes into caring for a hairstyle before you choose it will save you a lot of surprises. Fortunately there are some options to help you avoid some of these issues.

If you decide to change your hairstyle to one of a celebrity, the most important tool you will need is a hairstyle software that allows you upload you picture into the system. Uploading your picture into the software will give you the opportunity get a vision of whether a particular hairstyle would fit you profile. In addition the hairstyle software also offers some valuable tips as to what is needed to create and maintain a celebrity hairstyle. You can then convey the instruction to your hairstylists to make sure that you new hair do does not become a disaster. Take a picture of yourself in that particular hairstyle to your hairdresser to make that everything goes right.

While copying a Hollywood haircut may not be difficult to emulate if you have reliable hairstylist, the preparation before getting the actual hairstyle is crucial. With the right education and hairstyler software, you will be able to get a preview of your final results.

In your quest to look the a superstar, it is important to protect your superstar look from becoming a super disaster. Taking the proper precaution will ensure that your Hollywood
debut is a success.

Marc Marseille is an internet professional with several website on the internet providing valuable resources to many. For more info on different hairstyles choices or the hairstyle software you can visit Hairstyles Mid Length.

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On the wedding day every girl wishes to look at her best. After all, it is the most cherished moment of her life. It is the day when she would commit her love for her groom amidst their family, relatives & friends. On this day even the very pretty looking girls plan on their looks so much so that they look different from the usual & phenomenally beautiful of course.

The decisions that you take for this day are very important & are equally risky as well. With out a good professional advice choosing your make up & style for the wedding is a real tough one. And in our fast lives today it is indeed very tough to chalk the time to try on every possible make up & hair style & then decide for your self!

So, to keep up with the latest bridal trends, better set aside some budget for the professional stylist to help you with your make up & hairstyle.

Following below are some tips to help you make the key decisions regarding your hair styling & make up for the day of the wedding:

1. Choose some natural looking make up

No on would like to look like a heavily painted doll when the guests come close to greet the couple. So you must choose a very natural looking make up for your self. You must also take care that the make up you choose must look great in the wedding pictures.

2. Get a facial done.

Facial eliminates all the stress marks caused on the face due to the tensions of the preparing of the wedding. It cleanses your skin & makes you look brighter for the big day.

3. Have enough time on hand.

You must make sure to have enough time for your make up & hair dressing. Visit your hair stylist at least six weeks prior to the wedding so that they can go ahead with some minor changes needed in the hair. Also, in case you are planning to change your hair style, the hair color, or the length of the hair, you might also need time up to 6 months or so.

4. Meet the hair dresser & seek an appointment.

You must prefer a hair dresser recommended by some one close in the friends and / or family. While we all seek appointment for the wedding day, seek some extra appointments and show the professional some snaps of the kind of style, dress & head pieces you wish to have on your big day. Also discuss with the professional in detail regarding the apt color, texture & style.

5. For permed or relaxed hair

In case you plan to have permed or relaxed hair, discuss it with your hair stylist. Check if they think that this procedure is safe or would it damage your hair. Damaged hair of course would never look good & they are also very difficult to style. Nowm still if you want to try these, make sure you have enough time on hand in case the experiment turns a flop for any reason.

6. Coloring your hair.

Let the professional help you decide the shade in case you are thinking of dyeing or coloring your hair. The shade you choose must suit your skin tone & the color of your eyes. Also make sure that you first try the shade you decide on with the temporary dye first.

7. Hair Style must match with the cut of your wedding gown.

Make sure that the hair style you choose is quite in tandem with the cuts & shape of your wedding gown. For instance, with a simple gown, go for something very uncomplicated. You must also make sure that the hair style you choose does not call for much care as on your big day you shall have ‘n’ number of things to take of.

8. For the short hair.

Those girls who have short hair may try highlighting to ad some richness to their style. Try undergoing some hair treatments or with a professional advice use some products that would add shine to your hair. For short hair other tips to get that glory are getting a multi-textured look done or may be putting up some flowers.

9. For the long hair.

Those who have long hair can try some very elegant & classy looks with their hair tied up with a rich style. This makes the job of handling the hair quite easy as well, as the day for you would be too long with numerous other things to look up to.

Now along with these tips, gather as much information as you can from a professional hair stylist and get started with the planning of your big day in full fling!

Abhishek is a Wedding Planning expert and he has got some great Wedding Etiquette Secrets up his sleeves! Download his FREE 936 Page Ebook, “Wedding Etiquette Made Easy!” from his website http://www.Wedding-Stars.com/144/index.htm. Only limited Free Copies available.

Thinking of taking the leap into a short haircut? If you’ve never had short hair before just making the decision to cut it can be traumatic. A client of mine once said that, “Long hair is a talisman of femininity”. Alas, even though long hair is associated with beauty and youth, it isn’t the best choice for every face. Whether you are going short due to the changes brought about by time and mother nature; or your just up for a fashion adventure, take the time to consider these guidelines.

Look for some ideas – Start off by going to one of the many websites that feature photos of short hairstyles. Print a few pictures of styles that you find appealing. Make sure you are considering the color and texture of your hair versus the models hair.

Don’t seek advice from your friends, family or significant other – That’s right, I said it. This decision is yours and should be made based on your sense of style, level of self confidence, face shape and your hair’s characteristics.

Most women ask their significant others and hear, “I like it long, don’t cut it”. You wouldn’t let him pick out your wardrobe, would you?

Friends and family will usually say what they think you want to hear. It’s hard to get an honest opinion from someone that thinks you’ll be mad at them if the new look doesn’t work out.

Stop people that you see with great short hairstyles – Even if the person isn’t wearing the exact cut you’re thinking of, you can tell if someone skilled did their hair cut. Find out who their stylist is and get that stylists contact information.

Schedule a consultation with a good hairstylist – Take along any photos you’ve found and make sure you’ve really given it some thought. In addition to discussing your ideas, ask the stylist for their recommendations. The stylist should find out a little about your career, lifestyle, styling habits and daily routine to guide them in making appropriate suggestions. Hair texture, hair color, face shape and body type should all be part of their considerations. Ask the stylist, “Can you explain to me how this hair cut works with my face shape?”. The
stylist should have some specific reasons other than, “It’ll make you look really, really good”.

Some general recommendations based on face shape and age –

If you are beginning to see deep creases on the sides of your mouth or are seeing a little age in the neck area, you should definitely consider going short. Long hair has the effect of drawing attention to those areas. Your hair becomes a set of “parentheses” that draw other peoples eyes to your less attractive features.

If you have a wide jaw line, don’t choose a hair cut that places the line and fullness at your jaw. Instead, choose a cut that is mid to top-of-ear in length. This will bring the viewers focus up and away from your jaw line.

Not every face needs fullness on top. If you have a log, thin face or long nose, “height on top” will emphasize those features.

Unless your face is flawless, don’t part your hair in the middle. All faces are somewhat uneven and asymmetric. Aging, weight gain and weight loss tend to exaggerate that unbalance. A center part (which is symmetrical) tends to make those natural imbalances stand out.

Don’t choose a hair style that has more personality than you do. Sure, you’re trying to make a big change, but your hair still needs to express who you truly are.

Oval faces can wear pretty much any style or cut, providing that facial features are accounted for.

Round faces can benefit from more fullness at the top. The higher silhouette gives the illusion of a longer face. Make sure you’re being realistic about you and your hair’s ability to maintain that fullness.

Square faces look terrific in dramatic, short bobs that fall just below the cheekbone. This creates a focus on the eyes, detracting from the square jaw line.

Long thin faces benefit from having the fullness at chin to mid ear level. Extremely Short, feathery hair cuts can make the face seem fuller and soften sharp angles.

Long noses need fullness in the bang area and at the back of the head, opposite of the nose.

Oversized necks and loose skin on the neck need a hair cut that directs attention up and away from the chin line.

Take your time and work with a good hair stylist to make you decision.

Remember, it will grow back.

For more hair and beauty articles, hairstyle galleries and hair videos visit www.LarryDunlapHairstyling.com.

Hairstylist and Designer Larry Dunlap has worked his magic for over 30 years in the Raleigh, North Carolina area. A winner of numerous awards and competitons, there are very few areas in the hairstyling profession that Larry has not excelled in. A perennial favorite in the Raleigh/Research Triangle area reader’s polls, Larry’s professional background includes; author, illustrator, educator, photo stylist, competition judge and multiple salon owner.

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Usually, women with short haircuts seem to be happier than women with long hair. It is all because women with short hairstyles tend to be easy to maintain, practical and trendy. On the other hand, we should also understand that short hair is maybe wrong for you. It depends with the shape of your face as well as the shape of your body and the texture of your hair. There are great benefits of short hair dos but it is worth knowing if it is right for you.

It is important to consider the thickness of the hair, face and body shape and the timeframe of maintenance before changing ones hairstyle. Other factors that you might take into considerations are: eye and skin color and the overall personality of the person. On today’s generation, women as well as men are fortunate to have state of the art softwares in determining if the right hair cut. If it looks great on you, then go for it.

Here are some helpful guidelines that will guide you in your styling conditions, beauty quest and fashion hair design:

Time. As we all know, short hair is a real energy and time saver because it only takes a few minutes to dry, set, style and color. Usually it is the choice of the working people who has to rush every morning. A short hair is very easy to maintain with less resources than the long one. Versatility. Short hairstyles are always in fashion. You can gel, mousse, pomade, curl and do anything you want with your short hair cut. You can be an instant trendsetter with your short hair though the length of your hair is limited. It can be a sleek, sexy, professional and aggressive – all at the same time! Good for almost any occasion. You can go to almost all occasion having a short hair. You may cut your hair short to cool down in the summer, make it more manageable and look sporty. But there are more to it; you got a perfectly practical look in playing outdoor sports such as tennis. It is also sleek and sexy for a night out and a very professional look in the office. Puts other features in perspective. To cut your hair short brings more attention to your face, making it visible and open for the light. It creates the opportunity to highlight your best facial features. Another advantage of the short hair is it reverses the aging process; making the face younger than it usually is. Improvement of health. Having a shorter hair keeps your scalp clean, dry and healthy. It keeps your head cool and free from sweat making it more convenient and practical. It improves your health and makes you younger and thinner than you are.

Always remember that it is not possible to change short hair design in an instant. It will take time before your hair will grow back to its original length. Yet, if you have all the considerations and factors at hand, then there is no way that short hair will not look best on you.

The author is the owner of Las Vegas Hair (LVHair), a website designed to provide the latest short hair designs. Find more great and modern hairstyle designs check out http://lvhair.com/. LVHair – Your Best Bet For Quality Hair Design and Makeup in Las Vegas.

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Short hair has become a very popular trend in recent years, but short hair is not for everyone.  There are lots of factors to consider before you decide to sport a short hair cut.  First, you need to determine if the shape of your face is appropriate for short hair.  You must also consider the natural body and condition of your hair.  The good news is that there are many short hairstyles for women, and short hair is generally easier to manage compared to long hair.  Here are some tips on how to choose the right short hair updos that would be perfect for you.


First off, before you start styling any short hair updos, you have to properly condition your hair.  This is particularly important if you have short curly tresses.  Thus, the first thing you need to do is to give body to your hair.  This will enable you to easily style your hair in any way you want.  If you have rough curls or frizz, then it is even more important to condition your hair by applying straightening serum.


The first step to finding the perfect hairstyle is to do some research on trendy short hairstyles for women.  Take a look at some fashion magazines that feature short hairstyles.  You could also visit the updo picture gallery at Updo Princess. This website provides lots of style options for women with short hair.


It is always best to start out with simple and easy styles.  Short hair updos such as the French bun will help make your hair livelier and more attractive. These short hairstyles for women are perfect if you are too busy to go to a styling salon.  The French bun will allow your hair to form a short tassel.  It takes only a few minutes to create a casual short French bun, and this style is suitable even if you have curly locks as it will give you a more youthful look.  Most importantly, you can wear this kind of updo everyday.  It is suitable for very casual attire but will also go nicely with a more formal dress.  It is a versatile hairstyle that you will surely love.


One of the best short hairstyles for women is the bob.  The bob style is an all-time favorite of celebrities and suitable if you have luxurious locks.  Bob cut hair allows for different styles.  You can wear it with a center part, or a side fringe. Even those with straight hair can sport a bob cut.  And if you want to try some short hair updos, you can simply use a scarf or a thin bandanna to pull up your hair.  The scarf will serve as an adornment to enhance the femininity of your hairstyle.  If you are adventurous, you could also consider adding some spikes by using a setting spray or hold-on gel.  The key to getting the perfect style is to make sure that you are not making any radical changes to your current hairstyle.


Discover the perfect short hair updos for you. Visit our website today to get expert tips, advice, and actual photos of short hairstyles for women .

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Short hairstyles can be accommodating for many individuals as long as they have a complimentary face shape and the correct hair type. There is no set definition for what is a short hairstyle, some include shaved heads and buss cuts as short hairstyles while others define short hair as falling from your ears to your chin. If you originally had very long hair then you might consider a shoulder length cut to be short, it is all relative.

Buzz cuts, shaved heads, short caps, cropped hairstyles that are between 2 to 4 inches in length, shorter bobs, short layered cuts and longer caps are all considered to be short hair styles. Typically if your hair does not go beyond your chin then it can be considered a short hair style.

Short hair styles particularly flatter those with square shaped faces and it softens angular or square jaw lines. One length bobs, bangs and short spiky cuts are all good hair style choices. Short hair styles can be easy to maintain as well as they do not require a lot of styling. If you are in a rush you can just add some gel, run your fingers through it and allow to air dry.

There are many different styles in which you can do your hair when you have short hair. Go for a wilder look with spiked hair. Sweep your bangs to the side for a more angled everyday look, scrunch and tease your hair for more volume when you are getting dressed up, or add some twits and plaits with clips for a more formal do or do the sleek vintage style from the twenties.. You can get creative and have fun when styling your hair.

Short hair does need to be trimmed frequently and for proper styling, you should use good equipment. A good hair dryer, curling iron and hair straightener can create many different styles. You can have fun with accessories and add clips, bands and more to add some color and create a focal point for your hair style. If you are new to going short you should first try a short cut with long layers as you may find it easier to style.

Short cuts are not flattering for everyone and if you are unsure you should speak with your stylist as they will know what will work best for your hair and face shape. If your hair type is wrong then you may not look good with short hair. For example someone with very curly hair may find themselves with hair the springs out like an Afro when they cut it short.

Lance Thorington’s is an online publisher. His articles have been syndicated on many web sites, blogs and ezines all over the Internet. Read here why going for short hair styles is the right decision! Visit now http://www.short-hairstyles-abc.com/

The wedding hairstyle is one of the most important fine details that the bride would have to decide on long before her wedding, and it is one that is never overlooked – for everyone understands and appreciates that the wedding hairstyle is one of the most important features of the bride-to-be. In fact, the hairstyle is among the most defining points of any woman – it can break or make an outfit, a fashion statement, or simply soften an otherwise severe facial feature.

A bride can choose to look like a fairytale princess at her wedding, or she can choose to look like the queen of the castle instead; she can choose an enchanting hairstyle, or she can opt for one that is totally bewitching. She may even choose to go with the more unconventional but daring hairstyle on her wedding day. Whichever she chooses though, you can bet that she would have given much thought and consideration into the fact before choosing a single one!

The princess hairstyle : is one of the most flattering hairstyles that a young bride could choose for her wedding day. Most wedding hairstyles require that the hair be pulled back from the face, and the princess hairstyle is no exception. This is the clean formal look that for years has been the preferred choice among aristocrats and well-off women alike. The princess wedding hairstyle can however be held up or down. Generally though, it is the hairstyle that finds its basis in large but soft waves held back from the face and usually parted at the sides or the center. This hairstyle can work for the bride with long hair or the bride with medium hair. The princess hairstyle can also either be worn with a veil or with a tiara, or both.

The queen hairstyle : is very much like the princess hairstyle with the exception that the hairstyles are more elaborate and may include side bangs to soften the somewhat severe look of aristocracy. Side paths, middle paths, or no paths at all may be used in the hair which could either be loosely pulled back or tightly pulled back. If you choose to go with the tightly pulled back look, then the rest of your hair is best piled in curls at the top of the head. This is a look that again can either go with a veil, a tiara, or both.

All other wedding hairstyles are basically modifications of these two however. With the hair held down, soft waves are the most stylish and fashionable hairdos. Variations of the upswept hair include half up-half down options and fully upswept options. For the fully upswept look, the bride could consider the French knot or variations of the French knot with soft bangs sweeping the forehead.

David Yu – write Wedding Hairstyle for Idola Fashion. He also writes about Bikini, Lingerie and more. Get Your fashion experience on http://idolafashion.com

Women who are planning their weddings want their bridesmaids too look good. But of course, not so good as to outshine them on their big day! The bride may put a lot of consideration into bridesmaid’s dresses, jewelry, shoes and so one; right on down to the bridesmaids’ hairstyles. After all, no bride wants to be preceded down the aisle by another woman with some completely out of place, ridiculous hairstyle!

So does a bride decide on an appropriate hairstyle for the bridesmaids at her wedding when the number of options are almost limitless? Keep reading for a few tips which can help you to decide.

Look at the Dresses You’ve Chosen

The first thing to consider is the dresses which the bridesmaids will be wearing. Are these going to be very simple in their design or ornate in nature? What are the sleeves like? Will they be straight, puffy or dispensed with altogether? If your bridesmaids will be wearing simple dresses, then more elaborate hairstyles are called for; and of course, if the dresses will draw a lot of attention in and of themselves, then more understated hairstyles are in order.

The necklines of the dresses should also be taken into consideration. Dresses with high necklines should be accompanied by bridesmaid hairstyles which are pulled back or up so as not to compete with the neckline. Strapless dresses or ones with plunging necklines, one the other hand are well suited for more elaborate hairstyles or allowing the bridesmaids to wear their hair down.

Another way to determine the best bridesmaids hairstyles for the dresses they will be wearing is to have one (or all) of the bridesmaids pay a visit to your salon while wearing the dresses and have a look for yourself about which styles are best suited. Remember that even the smallest changes can make a big difference; so try out several different styles and decide which best compliments the dresses.

Keep Bridesmaid Hairstyles Unique

It was the style a few years back to have all of the bridesmaids dress exactly the same dress, jewelry and shoes. This gave wedding parties something of a regimented look. Now, brides are appreciating the aesthetic appeal of having their bridesmaids all look a little different. They might all be wearing the same sort of dress, but in different colors, lengths and other small differences. Brides also understand that not everyone looks good with the same hairstyle. While the bride might like the idea of having all of her bridesmaids in curls, many of the bridesmaids may dislike this look and find it unflattering to them.

While you want your bridesmaids to look good, it would also be nice if they felt comfortable, wouldn’t it? It would also be a good idea to ha them all looking their best by letting them have hairstyles which fit their faces. Let your bridesmaids have some say over their hairstyles and take their individual preferences into account when trying to decide on bridesmaids hairstyles.

Dressing Up Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Twenty years ago, big hair was all the rage, with many women perming and teasing their hair to incredible size. Today, however, more natural styles are in fashion and women generally choose more simple hairstyles. When your bridesmaids have shorter hair, how can you work with this and dress up bridesmaids hairstyles for your wedding day?

You can in fact add just a few little touches to any hairstyle to make it a little fancier. For instance, a bob can be flipped at the ends and even a short, layered cut can be dressed up by spraying to add extra body at the roots. Decorative hair clips can also be used to add a little extra something.

Discuss bridesmaid hairstyles with your stylist. They may have some great ideas of their own. With a little work, patience (and maybe a little cajoling) you’ll find hairstyles to suit your entire wedding party.

Heather C. Jones also blogs about planning your dream wedding. Go there and read more about bridesmaid hairstyles.

When you begin to search for that perfect long hairstyle, medium hairstyle or short hairstyle that will compliment your features you will first have to decide what shape your face is, the type of hair you now have, and of course your own unique personality. If you only go by the shape of your face and ignore your own personality then you may not be very happy with the outcome.

The basic face shapes include oval, rectangular or oblong, round, square, heart, triangular and diamond. To determine what your face shape is you will need to first measure your face crosswise the top of your cheekbones, next measure your jaw line from the fullest point to the fullest point crosswise, next measure your forehead crosswise, and last measure from your hairline to the bottom of your chin. Remember to write down each measurement as you go.

You should be able to tell with these measurements, which shape face you have. Now, on to deciding which hairstyle looks the best with your face shape.

An oval face shape gives you the opportunity to wear practically any hairstyle from long hairstyles to medium hairstyles to short hairstyles. Now this is where your personality kicks in. According to the activities that you enjoy you may wish to wear your hair shorter instead of pulling it back to enjoy participating in sports or keeping your hair out of the way for most activities. To get an example of celebrities with oval shape faces and the variety of hairstyles that look great on them take a look at Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, and Mariah Carey.

If your face shape is rectangular or oblong your best bet would be short hairstyles or medium hairstyles. Bangs will do wonders for giving your face a softer and more gentler look. Celebrities with rectangular faces include Kirstie Alley, Stephanie Seymour and Janet Jackson.

A round face should wear short hairstyles that sweep back away from the face, adds more fullness and height at the crown. Kate Winslet, Christina Ricci, and Drew Barrymore all have round faces and look great with a variety of hairstyles.

Square face shapes should wear short hairstyles to medium hairstyles and should stay away from straight long hairstyles. Celebrities with square shape faces include Demi Moore, Sandra Bullock and Holly Marie Combs.

Heart shape faces should wear hairstyles that are either chin length or long hairstyles and short hairstyles should be avoided. Michelle Pfeiffer, Lucy Lawless, and Claudia Schiffer all belong in the heart shape face club.

If you have a triangular shape face then this is the exact opposite of the heart shape face. You should wear short hairstyles. Kathy Ireland is a great example of a celebrity with a triangular shaped face.

The diamond shape face is as great to have as an oval. You can wear short hairstyles, medium hairstyles and long hairstyles and look absolutely gorgeous. Examples of this include celebrities such as Sophia Loren, Katherine Hepburn, and Linda Evangelista.

Natalie Aranda writes about health and beauty. Women have the desire to have their hair looking gorgeous each and every day and that is why female consumers spend billions of dollars each year buying hairstyling products. When you begin to search for that perfect long hairstyles, medium hairstyles or short hairstyles that will compliment your features you will first have to decide what shape your face is, the type of hair you now have, and of course your own unique personality.