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Choose the right short hair style for you and your lifestyle may largely change the way you feel and look: it can make you look younger, boost your confidence, and reduce much time and money you spend on hair care.

You may be looking for the perfect short hair style, Or maybe you are finding a few tips on hair care, fashion, beauty, style or how to manage and maintain the hair style you already have? However, what are the elements of beautiful and trendy hair styles: your personality, career, lifestyle, time constraints, body shape, face shape, hair texture, hair density, eye color, and skin tone. And your new short hairstyle should create a sense of balance between your head, face, and body.

Your ideal short hair style is one that makes you feel happy and confident when you look at yourself in the mirror. Following are some tips for your beauty and fashion with short hairstyle.

1. Trying out different hair styles by consultation tools and virtual styling software. And then you may find the right short hair style.

2. Discovering the right hair care products will help ensure beautiful, healthy hair.

3. Learn more about the hair styling products, tools and tricks that you need to style your short hair.

4. Suitable hair Color and makeup will enhance your natural shade, or update your look.

5. Your friends and relatives will help you a lot if they can give you some advice about your hairstyle and hair care products, because they may use these products before.Pictures of trendy short hair styles 5In a word, the right short hair style is the one that makes you look more beautiful, and you will feel happy about your choice.

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If you plan a dramatic change of look for the New Year, take into account the latest trends and advice from top hair-stylists! See what haircuts are trendy for the new year and what Hollywood stars wear in 2010!

Asymmetric short hairstyle

In case you have not noticed yet, short haircuts became favorites among many women in late 2009. Well, in 2010 they will continue to be on top, and their strengths are asymmetrical cuts and short fringe. Halle Berry has already cut short!

Bob haircuts, still rock!

It seems that is not so easy to get rid of this bob haircut. Moreover, in 2010 is reinvented. It will have a more rough look and a length up to shoulders, symmetrical or asymmetrical, and will be shaped in stairs! American Singer Kimberly Caldwell Rate, Jessica Biel and Jessica Alba opted for fancy bob haircuts.

Long and natural

If you have long hair and don’t want to cut it away, then in 2010 keep it natural! Forget the hair strengthener  and let it arrange according to its natural texture. If you want a change, opt for a ponytail, a bun on top of the head or different types of knitting.

Rihanna hairstyles, seems that they are never getting old!

In 2009, Rihanna has gone through several changes of look. The most dramatic and also the hottest, were the haircuts in which long hair was combined with areas of short (very short) hair. Well, in 2010 you can follow the new look promoted by Rihanna and you will definitely be a trend setter for all your friends

Read more: http://www.beautips.info/quick-tips/how-to-get-a-trendy-hairstyle-in-2010/#ixzz16JY39Lq5

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Here is some cool short hairstyles for you guys to enjoy!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Now that spring and summer are round the corner, trendy hairstyles for the season are beginning to make their appearance on the fashion scene. Undoubtedly, short hair is most preferred during the hot seasons, and this year is no different.

Fashion gurus across the world are predicting that short and trendy hairstyles will be in vogue for the spring and summer.

Ah! The Convenience

The convenience afforded by short hair is one of the biggest reasons that short hairstyles have been popular among women, especially those who work. But, convenience is not the only selling factor for short hair cuts during the spring and summer seasons.

Apart from the ease of maintenance, short hairstyles can create a look of glamour and chic unmatched by longer tresses. Short hair tends to look bolder and can be made to look trendy or sleek depending on the occasion. Also, shorter designs tend to make one look younger than one’s age and is very popular among women in the show biz.


Pixie cut is among the hot and trendy short hairstyles this season. It helps accentuate your features as well show off your trendy earrings. You can easily get a messed up look or you could straighten your hair to give you a sleek look for an evening. You could use bold red color at the edges and it will help frame your face and call attention to the layers of the cut.

Choppy Cut

This is for women who want to sport a messed-up look. Hair is cut in uneven broken layers and the edges are then trimmed with a razor. It helps soften the blunt edges made by scissor cuts.

This gives a soft and deconstructed messed up look that has become a hot favorite among the younger generation. You could color the tips of your hair with bold colors to create an even more glamorous look.


The Bob cut was invented over 8-years ago, but continues to remain popular among women who want to wear their hair short. The length of the hair and the look has evolved over the years and the cut remains refreshing and trendy even after so many years.

The best aspect of a bob cut is that it will suit a face of any shape, whether it is round or oval and it helps accentuate your features. The edges of the hair can be highlighted for added effect.

Shop HealthyHairPlus for top-rated Products for Short Hair. HealthyHairPlus is a leading manufacturer of hair products – shampoo, conditioners, and styling aids. Keep up with the latest styles and trends. Find advice for hair management as well as the Best Shampoo for Short Hair.

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My favorite celebrity ‘long to short’ haircuts with video featuring Rihanna, Paris Hilton, Kristen Stewart, Jessica Alba, Rene Zellweger, Halle Berry, Mandy Moore. What’s your favorite hairstyle?!

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Round faces are different from chubby faces and differ in the facial features also. Basic geometry of the two kinds differs vastly from one another. A round face would have the perfect round shape with the length and the width of the face reading the same size while a chubby face might have extra cheek fat or extra fat due to body fat. Oval face shapes are the ones that would go with any kind of hairstyle. So one has to be very careful in choosing short hairstyles for round faces, as a wrong choice would make the face look more round and chubby.

The ultimate aim of any person with a round face is to get a haircut which is not going to make the face look more round and that means the volume of the hair that has to form around the face should not be very thick. Getting the hair done with the hair reaching the chin makes it look elegant and rich. The hair should also be made to look smooth so that some part of it can be put to the side and some on the cheeks to cover the borders of the width and as well to give a stylish appearance.

Blunt cuts at the end of short hair are not suggested and one should also take care that curly, short hair may not look very flattering either. Some celebrities with round faces who had great-looking short hair and looked gorgeous include Catherine Zeta Jones, Kirsten Dunst, Michelle Williams, Cameron Diaz and Oprah Winfrey.

Your best bet is to study the different hairstyles that would suit the face best, and it’s certainly a good idea to do so before making to any trips to the salon. Dependable salons also offer consulting services that would direct one to the perfect hairstyle.

Breaking the volume of the face is an important aspect and all it requires is to break the volume of the hair or to make it appear as if the volume is broken. If the decision is to keep the hair real short, then the best option to go for the pixie cut. A pixie cut will keep the hair short and intact in volume and will also give a spiky and wet look to the hair, leaving it sexy. Such types of hair are easy to maintain and have also been tried by many of the super models and actresses.

Wispy ends of hair, with a sort of shaggy look, is another option that leaves you looking hot and sexy, and is a favorite among short hairstyles for round faces.  This type of hair style would require leaving the hair cut between the chin and the shoulder area. This kind of hairstyle is an added advantage to those who have natural, wavy hair.

This wavy hair would provide enough volume that is required near the cheek area, and would give a classy appearance.  A very important aspect that needs attention is the usage of hair color after the cut, as one wrong choice would entirely distort the haircut.

Next, check out http://www.roundface-hairstyles.com/blog and get your own FREE hairstyle makeover and check out more great tips and advice on short hairstyles for round faces!

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For women, there are certain face shapes which just look better with short, cropped hair. If you’ve always worn your black hair long or in its natural state, why not try and have your locks cut short?

The good thing about wearing short hair is that they are ultra-low maintenance when it comes to styling. You do, however, need to keep it trimmed almost on a monthly basis if you want to maintain the length which looks best on your face.

But when it comes to the daily maintenance of shorter hair, you only need to spend a few minutes on styling. You might even get away with just putting some mousse on and styling it every which way – so that you can have that just-out-of-bed look which is ultra-sexy.

How about Short Hair Styles for Black Women?

Now that you already have an idea about the multitude of benefits that you will get to enjoy by keeping your locks cropped, what exactly are the short hair styles for black women that you can choose from? If you think that you’ll look the same in all the pictures that you will post on social networking sites because there are only a couple of styles that you can do with short hair, think again.

Take a look at our list of shorter styles for black women that you will absolutely fall in love with:

Spiky hair style

If you’re at an age where you can get away with the ultra-glam rock look, then you may want to go for black women. You can either do the styling yourself or have a stylist do it for you when you’re attending a special event. As the name implies, you will be wearing spikes which will be kept up with the use of either a hairspray, gel or styling mousse.

Ultra-sleek and straight

Now, if your hair is not that cropped close to the scalp but is not long enough to reach your shoulder, then you may want to go with the ultra-sleek look.

You can either use a straightening iron to temporarily straighten your wavy or curly locks, or you can have it chemically treated for the style to be semi-permanent.

Natural looking trends

How about natural-looking short hair styles for black women? If you have short hair which you keep in its natural state, you almost do not have to do anything with it, just keep it moisturized and conditioned regularly to maintain its soft, natural look.

Curly or wavy

Halle Berry often wears a curly, wavy design which has a layered cut. You can either wear such a style straight, or give it a run with a curling iron for a softer look.

Short Afro or twists

Finally, the easiest length of hair to wear in a short Afro style or twists is extremely short cuts. You can stylize your look by wearing huge earrings as accessories.

Take your pick from these five trendy short hair styles for black women and create different looks out of your cropped locks!

Visit Black Hair Styles online for today’s latest styles, products and techniques – just for black and African American women and men.

Find the latest celebrity, natural, and black weave hairstyles along with the leading natural-based black hair products to increase moisture, hair growth, and to improve strength. Resist breakage and get you hair growing faster with vitamins and supplements, conditioners, and spray-on treatments and oils that leave your hair soft, shiny and manageable!