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Curly hairstyles present a look that can go with any occasion. Many people with curly hair often desire straight hair and those with straight hairstyles envy curly tresses. Curly hairstyles can be worn by anyone and everyone. If you’ve got curly hair and it tends to frizz, use a heavy-weight gel or a relaxing balm and let your hair dry naturally. There are plenty of hairstyles with curls because the curls append an extra touch to the hairstyles that cannot be duplicated. Hairstyles with curls, can get frizzy, stressed, split ends, and other hair damaging types. Women with medium curly hairstyles will have to keep additional care of their hair because hair is in medium state where damaged edges and poofy hair likes to appear. Short hairstyles and medium hairstyles look superb with the addition of some curly strands. Curly hair is completely different from straight hair. Its structure is different and its needs are different.

Curly hair styles that look wonderful are the natural result of combining those two essential ingredients – the curly hair cut, and the curly hair care. Long curly hair can be styled into bouncy ringlets for a new look. Tight curls can be exotic. Short curly hairstyles can be cut casually to lend a stylish appearance. There are so many ways to create curls. Using a diffuser will give the effect of loose, bouncy curls while a curling iron will allow you to choose the size of your ringlets or for a more textured curl, give the new triple barrel curling iron a try. When styling your curly or wavy hair you will want to use a comb or a pick. It is not a good idea to use a brush, as brushes make your curly hair frizz out. For tighter curls you can wrap your hair around a pencil and dry it with a diffuser, you can use smaller hot roller, or you can use a small barrel curling iron.

Color for curly hair is good. Either lighter or darker to give the hair more dimension. Since curly hair does not reflect light like a smooth surface using color is a wonderful way to create an illusion of shine. Long curly hair can be arranged in an updo. Leave some loose tendrils on the side for a soft and romantic look. With careful styling, even a ponytail can look great on long curly hair. Liven it up with exciting accessories. Longer curly hairstyles call for more maintenance. Shine spray is also good as curly hair does not reflect light like straight hair. For a straight look use Rusk str8 anti-frizz lotion. Comb thru hair and natural dry or blow on a low heat setting.

Hairstyle Ideas and Tips For Curly Hair:

1. Maintain superior hair care with moisturizing shampoos, conditioners, and gels to insure outstanding hairstyles.

2. Ringlets are an interesting way add curls to hairstyles without much work.

3. There are many ways to style curly locks for woman without natural curls, try a number of styling practices for distinct hairstyles.

4. There are many curly hairstyle goods available, use high quality items that are favorable for your hair.

5. If you can, visit the curly hair institute, it is an institute just for curly hairstyles.

6. Do not let the curly strands get too frizzy or poofy unless that’s the style you are looking for.

Juliet Cohen writes articles on hair care tips and punk hair style. She also writes articles on skin care tips.

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Very short hairstyles are becoming popular among women. These haircut trends seem to be the best way to flaunt your summer look. They can make you appear classy as well as glamorous. The traditional long and wavy hairdo has taken a back seat as most women nowadays are going short. The heat of summer and the messiness can be easily avoided by keeping petite hair.

Short hair cuts looks classy, chic and appealing. The classic bob cut is the most preferred hairstyle for women through ages. Most people think that short hairstyles lack enough scope for designing.

Hairstyles for women in their forties and fifties are often based upon the realisation that at one stage in life there has to be a change made. We have to let go of the past and prepare ourselves to enter the middle stages of our lives.

The best way to choose the hairstyle that is best for you is to look at pictures, and if you are part of the right type of website you can even try those hairstyles on a picture of yourself, a great way to choose that perfect hairdo.

Many African American women today are simply too busy to manage long tresses of hair. So instead they opt for short, manageable hairstyles that can still look trendy and professional. The great thing about sporting short hairstyles is the fact that you can choose different styles at any time.

The very short hairstyles attract the attention to the eyes. They fit particularly well with narrow face, nice neck and beautiful skin. Styling tips: apply hair gel or mousse. Dry with a hair dryer or, if you have time, let it dry naturally. Once the hair has dried, apply a generous amount of wax and distributed equally throughout the hair. Style your hair as you like.

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For every woman getting their hair have the best is very important; to have their beauty reveal about their personality as well as giving them an impact and the appeal that everybody would appreciate. Further more, timeless styles that are fit for any age group is the ideal hairstyle to choose to give the best look and make a woman’s beauty shine more. With creative ideas, women will be more aware that their hairstyles would tell more about their personality that everyone would recognize and appreciate.

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There are some things that should be considered in having the hairstyle that a woman desires. For instance, the hair length: relying on hair length to work on the type of style that should be done in order to give the best of effect that either enhances the facial area to bring more beauty or that will go with almost any kind of dress to wear. Also, consider the hair color to pair with the hair style and of the dress a woman is wearing.

Suggestive hairstyles by age group such as women that belong in the 20′s; they can have short hairstyles that would bring out the best in the hair regardless of color or length. Simple hairstyle that has to look neat and shiny to bring most of the youthful glow is the key. Reanimating can also be a good option but be careful not to overdo it so that you can still pair it with casual or even a formal dress to go with your type of hairstyle.

With women in their 30′s or 40′s, long waves are perfect to have. With waves, looks can go younger and still get that sexy appeal. Having it formal won’t be such a task because long waves can go with any type of occasion, may it be formal or casual.

Further hairstyle for 50′s and beyond, short hair is the most impressive one to pick. Celebrities look fabulous with their short hair and it will also go well for you. With all the hairstyles to choose from, try to pick the one that will suit you the best. So pick the best hairstyle for women that can help make a woman shine.

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This author writes about 2011 Hairstyles For Women at Which Hairstyle

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To some people, life is not complete without grooming. Since having a neat look of hair is often associated to health and well being, people prefer to use a type of hairstyle that would look pleasing and appealing to other people. Most people do not know it, but the type of hair sported is actually rooted on one’s nationality and belief. In ancient Japan, men tend to have long streaks of hair since it is rooted on their pride. While in the west, some Indians believe that cutting the hair of their enemies would make the other tribes fear them. Today, short hairstyles are a part of everyday lifestyle. A person’s ideals and lifestyle can be based on the type of hair he has.

For women, straight hair is often the favored style. People think that having long straight hair without any cuts or breaks is often associated with being wealthy. Yet because of the fad, women are also into cutting their hair short. They would prefer those types of haircuts with medium hairstyles and short hair dangling from the scalp. Some women think that ponytails on the side or at the back of the head are often associated with strict women and young children. Nevertheless, women often base their hair according to what they want and enjoy. In order for you to know the type of hairstyle for you, you need to remember a couple of facts about hair. Your hairstyle would reflect your personality, if you are a sporty person and you are always on the go, you should have those short hairstyles. However, if you think that you select beauty over activities, you should try to let your hair grow longer. Remember that changing your hairstyle suddenly can be a problem since some people grow hair faster than others.

If you change your mind often, then you should avoid those short hairstyles. Some women would often regret the type of hairstyle that they have. They feel that they do not look good after having their hair cut. So in order to correct those mistakes, some women would adapt a neat little procedure called hair rebonding. This process is based on applying some chemical on the tip of our hair in order for it to look longer. After the procedure, the hairstylist would often advice to prevent rough pulling and washing of your hair for at least a day. After that, your hair would look longer and shinier. The cost of the procedure would often be based on the length of your hair or the shop that you visited. The only problem with this procedure is that most studies reveal that it can lead to hair loss so it is better to be on the safe side and always be careful on your long hairstyles.

For ore information on various short hairstyles, visit the medium hairstyles resource site

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Consider what hair colour would actually enhance your skin tone, bearing in mind the texture of your hair as well. Is it fine, thick or coarse? If you’re not sure what texture you’ve got, your hairdresser will be able to tell you instantly.

The shag or the medium-length layered cut is a good choice for a sassy and irreverent look. It is great for round face shapes because the length significantly lengthens the face. The side bangs are angled in a way that reduces the forehead’s width. And the disheveled look of the layers emphasizes the femininity of the face.

The heart-shaped (sometimes called the inverted triangle): The face is shaped like a heart with a full forehead, narrow cheeks and chin-line. Elegant hairstyles that suit this shape: A style with the fullness at the jawline and wavy bangs is recommended for this shape.

Hairstyles of women had achieved wide variations from time to time. Women hairstyles had always been elaborate and are not rigid but are flexible with the changing phases of time and generation. Depending upon the nature of occasion, women’s hairstyle differs and varies. Hairstyle is a very important aspect which measures the fashion of the latest trends. Women’s hairstyle can be verified depending upon the length of the tresses.

Before choosing a short haircut you have to do a research between the short hairstyles. The beauty of the short hairstyles is that you can accommodate the shape to enhance or distract certain traits. So you have to be very careful in your choice. Some short hairstyles can make a round face seems enormous. Be sure that the hairstyle fits your face.

Pear — this facial shape has a wide chin and a narrow forehead. A hairstyle that widens the forehead while taking attention away from the chin is desirable. Hair should be fuller on top and swept away from the face to create the illusion of a fuller forehead. Avoid styles that are wider at the chin to soften a square jaw line.

The diadems are back, and with them you can wear your hair loose without having to suffer with hair that attempt to get out of position. This trendy women hairstyle looks good during the day, but if you want to give a touch of elegance for the night, look for a headband with glare. If you want to keep discreet and simple but trendy hairstyles, pick a french twist is a great way to look good in a classic style.

Short cut hairstyle for the woman in her 30′s allows her to keep up with a colour maintenance program where the roots of her hair are dyed to remove the grey colouring. Short style haircuts is less demanding to maintain than longer or middle length hair and this provides the woman valuable time better spent elsewhere.

Read about Herbal Remedies. Also read about Saw Palmetto Supplements and Saw Palmetto

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Juggling home and office, any woman could be considered as a super-woman, in today’s world. However, what can be said about a woman who is as active as it gets? Encyclopedia may not have a term for such women but they do exist and more often than not, have to gratify themselves with less beauty and more brains. With no time to devote in front of the mirror, glamour has to take a lower statute. Busy and hectic lifestyle may not allow you to give prominence to yourself, but that shouldn’t stop you from looking your best. The ‘mantra’ and basically the ‘thumb rule’ to look beautiful effortlessly is to have a hair makeover. A quick to-do, practical and easy to manage kind and yet stylish and chic hairstyles is what you need. Athletic hairstyle is basically more about convenience than style but it doesn’t always have to be short, boring and un-girly. Athletic hairstyles vary from elementary to perplex avatars, from simple ponytails to complex braids. Remember to choose hairstyles, which let you look chic while at the same time keep the hair off the back of your neck and out of your eyes to keep you comfortable. So girlies and ladies, pull up your socks, fasten your laces and get sporty and spunky with new athletic hairstyles. Here are some quick tips on how to get ready with pre-game athletic hairstyles, be it a game of a funky sport or the game of your life.
Best Athletic Hairstyles For Active Women


High Ponytails
High ponytails tied with elastic band suit active women who have short, medium, or long hair. It is an off the neck and out of the eyes style. For women who lark around, play games or go out for jogging/running can sport a headband with this style to keep the sweat off your face. It also gives a sportive look. You can also use styling gels to keep the hair in place.

Low Ponytails
Low ponytails tied with elastic band suit active women with any type of hair. It is also an off the neck and out of the eyes style. Tying a bandana around the head by folding it in a triangular shape will give a trendy look. It would also keep the hair in place without tangling the hair.


Single And Double Braids
Braid is a traditional hairdo used since a long time by women and even men. Single and double braids can be fastened on women with medium and long hair. For a single braid, take partition from the desired point starting from the forehead till the nape of the neck and make three equal divisions and plait it in a criss-cross manner. For a double braid, take partition from the middle of the forehead till the nape of the neck and make three equal divisions on each sides and plait two braids in the same criss-cross fashion. Fix the end with an elastic band or matching ribbons or laces.

French Braids
French Braids look very cute and adorable. Comb your hair back and remove all the tangles. Start plaiting from the crown of your hair subsequently joined by the sides of your hair followed by the hair at the nape and fix the end with elastic bands.

Cornrow Braids
This is one of the painful methods of plaiting your hair; however once done you don’t have to worry about it for weeks on end! Use water to moisten your hair to start up with the hairstyle. Take part from the middle of the forehead to the nape. Divide each part into three small sections. Braid each small part tightly and firmly to form cornrows, making it look like corns in the field. Finally secure it with an elastic band. The famous footballer David Beckham and great chefs like Belgian Waffle experiment with such hairstyles.

Mini Braids
Mini braid hairstyle gives liveliness to the sporty look for active women. To begin, start by taking partition from the middle or side way or off the centre. Then take small sections of hair from the front portion of your hair and start plaiting it till the tapering ends. Plait up to 3 or 4 on either sides and leave rest of the hair open or tie them together with an elastic band.
Short Hairstyles

Short Shag Hairstyles
This is one of the easiest to maintain and fashionable short haircuts for women. This is a short hair cut with a wavy punch. Take a partition from the sideway or just comb it back; apply styling wax to set the hair and the look to obtain prominent wavy ends throughout.

The Crop
The crop hairstyle is ideal for women with thick hair. This gives a messy and out of bed sexy look. The crop haircut is a random cut all-over the head with an unfinished look. Alternatively you could also opt for groomed look cut with even ends.

Short Hairstyles With Bangs
This hairstyle is on the top list and is on high demand for those women who want to sport short hair. Short hairstyles with bangs possess blunt bangs and the bang length depends on the shape of your face.

Pixie Hairstyles
Pixie hairstyles suits most of the face shapes. It is funky and delicately highlights your facial features. It is easy to maintain even in the hot summer and it can be shaped in different ways to match your mood and the event you attend. Although it is short, it is versatile and very feminine. It is short at the back and the sides but slightly longer in the top front side. Highlighting your hair with some color streaks gives a saucy look. Wearing a headband can give an attractive look. Many celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Katie Holmes, Sharon Stone, Rihanna and others have sported this hairstyle.

Beauty tips in urdu

Hair removal tips

Lips Care tips

Curly Hair is completely different from Straight Hair. Its structure is different and its needs are different. Like Short Hairstyles of any other type, Short Curly Hairstyles make a statement. Maintaining Curly Hair demands a different approach. It begs for understanding.

Curly Short Hair Cuts are sexy and cute. Curly Short Hairstyles signal a confident woman. They give her hot look, too, if they suit her. Curly hair short styles can look gorgeous or they can look horrible. In both cases, the reason is face shape.

Short Curly Hairstyles can give you a change of personal image from your usual Hair Style. But curly Hair Cuts doesn’t suit anyone. To have a perfect short curly Haircut, here is something that you might need to take into your consideration:

Face shape: Make sure your face shape will suit a short Haircut. If, for example, you have a long face, you’ll want to stay away from a long straight style. If your jaw line is quite defined and large, it’s best to stay away from a bulky curly Hair Style that just focuses more attention on that area.
Hair Texture: Is your hair thin, curly, wavy, thick, course etc? You want to ensure that Short Curly Hairstyles you choose does not become a burden. You want to make sure you are spending less time on your hair in the mornings – not more!
Haircut Styles: This should be a major factor in deciding on the right Hair Cuts for your Curly Hair. Make sure that your stylist is trained in cutting short hair. It’s best to get a referral from someone who has used this stylist in the past and you liked the results of their Short Curly Hair Cuts. Why not call the stylist and get a consultation. They’ll be able to assist you in finding the right Short Curly Hairstyles for you.

Often when people think of Short Curly Hairstyles, they picture the tight poodle perm of days gone past that however, is simply not the case for the woman of today. Yes, you can still achieve your short Curly Hairstyle with perms, but they are far gentler on your hair. No frizz, just beautiful glossy curls.

How to Style Short Curly Hair

Apply a small amount of gel to towel dried hair
Use medium sized rollers
Wrap the back and sides of hair towards the back
Hair on the sides and in front is rolled forward
Dry with a blow dryer set on medium heat
Let hair cool before unrolling
Use fingers or a large comb to soften the curls
When the curls are placed to your liking, spray lightly
Use a light mist of spray shine if desired

Short Curly Hairstyles is dream of every woman. By giving different shape in Curly Hair one can get fascinating look. It looks different from straight hair.

Some of the most common Short Curly Hairstyles include shags and bobs. These Hair Style offer very simple cuts and layers that help to accent the curls in wonderful manners while providing the hair with a great sense of shape.

Chiggy’s Touch Yorkville is a hair salon & beauty salon located in Toronto & Barrie, with professional highly trained hairdressers and beauty. Our Hair Salon services include stylish cuts, beautiful color, as well as eyelash-extensions and Hair extensions Visit Salon for the latest in hair cut, hair color, texture & finishing services. Keep your hairstyle & color looking great with professional hair care products?

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There are varieties of hairstyles for women are available in the market for several age. As a woman gets older, there are several problem areas to think when selecting a great haircut.

Common Problems for Women Over 50

Women after 50 years are getting various hair problems. Here represent some problems and there solutions that mean which hair styles are suitable in these following problems.

1. Thinning Hair – As women growing up the secretion of oils are decrease and that lead s to dry, thinning hair. So it is best to keep short hairstyle for thin hair like Bob cuts, short shags, and chunky layered crop cuts.

2. Graying Hair – It is best to dye hair regularly for graying hair. As hair color evolution, emphasizes are the best way to balance in graying hair. Lighter hair dye looks good with much skin tenor and is simple to keep up than gloomy shades, but fair women may choose for a dark brunette color for a younger look.

3. Dropping Jaw Line – Short layers covering the face illustrate the eyes left from a tumbling jaw line. So apply a round brush while blow drying to flip up layers. This adds a great look to the face.

4. Softening Neck – As women mature, the peel on the neck softens and trailing some of its preceding tone. Drawing concentration upper will highlight the eyes and drag center of attention from a softening neck. Hairstyles like bob cuts that hold the length close to the ears are a great choice.

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Get ready for 2010 with a new on-trend hairstyle! We’ve got you enclosed on the 2010 hairstyles trend and you’ll find dozens of trendy 2010 hairstyles to choose from!

Short hairstyles for 2010 will be taking motivation from the ’60s mod bobs and women’s short hairstyles will be shorter and cuter, such as short layered cuts with bangs.

Pixie haircuts will persist to be a hit with women who will have the self-confidence and the delicate features to pull off very short pixie haircuts; think Halle Berry’s and Sharon Stone’s short haircuts.

Visit for More Hairstyles and Haircut from http://www.all-hairstyles.com/

Looking ahead, hairstyles for Winter and Spring 2010 are definitley feminine and girly girl with 60′s glam inspired updo’s, pretty braids, sleek ponytails and long, straight, shiny locks cascading the 2010 runway’s.

All of these hairstyles can with no trouble be taken from runway to everday and with the right hair styling tools and style products, getting these hairstyles at home are simple.

Whether you want an easy hair style that will stay you looking good from morning to midnight without too much effort, a fun seem for a frivolous event, or a classic coiffure for a alluring celebration. Our hairstyles Gallery shows you how to achieve perfect results every time.”

Beautiful Sexy Long Hairstyles for Women

Silky, flowing long hairstyle are very satisfying on many women, and even suitable for some men.  

A primary reason for its fame is its ability to change for a variety of different looks.  

In many cultures long hair is favored by both the men and women of the society, and historically, women who have long hair are viewed as young, elegant, healthy, and sexy.

Long Curly Hairstyle with Bangs

Creating a Special Look with Long Curls with Bangs Hairstyle
Looking after your mane is not an easy matter.

It is difficult enough annoying to find the best style for your hair, it is also important to figure out whether the curls are going to do the trick or the straight hair that need to be taken into thought.

2010 Hairstyles for Teens

A new year this year starts a new decade. 2010 is finally here and with it come the sense that new things await us in life as well as the world of fashion and beauty.

Do you want amazing new? 2010 Hairstyles has lots of pictures of the latest 2010 hairstyles for teens and youthful women in their 20s.

At the time of writing it is still being updated within days of the star being photographed.

Most teen girls are dedicated to track and pick the very latest looks. One poll on that site shows nearly 60% of visitors think it is very important to have a chic hairstyle. (They voted 10 on a scale of one to 10.)

Another teen periodical for girls is Cosmo Girl. Besides being a print magazine it has a website which include a teen beauty blog with review of hair, makeup, and skin care.

It also has an recommendation board if you want to jump in and get help (or share your own opinions to help others).

Prom planning is a accepted time to think about beauty. Prom Hair Styles lets you review and pick a cute new hair style for 2010.

Having short hair does not limit the hair styling options. While leaving those locks free is the most popular fashion trend for short hair, the updos are also a universal hit. Except for very short hair, updos remain a popular hair style. No matter the type of attire you want to don, there is always a suitable updo hairstyle for a great looking you. Right hairstyle is the primary factor that adds to your appearance. The popularity of updos is so high due to the comfy yet formal look which they can impart to your face. The casual updos are a hit not only amongst the runway models, but every other teenager can be seen flaunting these. So want to stay in vogue with the latest updo hairstyle trends for small hair? Then go through these cute updos for short hair.Twist and Fix This is one of the easy ways to do your hair and get ready in minutes. All you need is a hair clamp, that is a sleek and trendy hair clip to finish this look. Grab your hair, after brushing them smooth, twist them inwards and let an inch or two of ends stay feather-like at the top from center of the twist. Secure this twisted hair with the hair clamp and have a look. If you are sporting fringes, keep a few strands on your face and pin back the rest of it.Bow to Bun
This is amongst the cute updos for short hair which you can wear on skirts and thin strapped tops. Tie your hair in pony using a rubber. A mid or low pony is best depending upon the length of your hair. Next, take a strand from pony and twist it around your fingers. Now remove your finger and secure twisted strand just besides the rubber using bobby pin. Take next strand and follow the same procedure. You can pin these strands all around the rubber band and convert your bow into a bun. This short hair updos can be best paired with side fringes.Messy Updo
If you are blessed with those cute wavy locks, this is the best hairstyle for you. Be it summer or winters, this hairdo is definitely going to give you a cool and classy look. Messy updo, as the name suggests, are easy hair updos that need not be done following a set of rules or a step by step procedure. These are versatile and go well on hair of any style, texture and length. Definitely those having curly or wavy hair have advantage of skipping the curling process. Tie a high pony and start pinning the strands out of it in random fashion. ‘Random’ is essential to create that ‘messy’ look. Have your fringes rest free on your face instead of tucking them back. Messy style is also amongst popular updos for short hair for weddings and special occasions.
Clip the Curls For small hair that can’t be tied into pony or clamps to further make an updo, here’s a trick. Well, this is one of the easy updos for short hair that works out really well if done in the right way. You will need to add curls at the ends before starting the hairstyle and use a styling gel and spray to secure the curls for a day long look. Comb hair to de-tangle it and start off. You will need a few narrow pins or bobby pins. Now pull your front hair back and secure with horizontal pins just below the crown. Take hair from both sides of ear and secure them with pins just below the crown. Take up all hair from your nape till the corn and secure with pins. You will have free hair in center collected from all sides. Now curl and turn them outward and use a hair spray or hair wax to secure the look.These were some updos for short hair that are easy to wear and will give you a maintenance free, day long look. So want to become a cool beauty with tied up hair and stylish glares? Then what are you waiting for, get your hair styled in an ultra modish updo!As the mercury is rising, it is very uncomfortable to have hair sticking to your neck, so it is best not to wear your hair down. To feel fresh and to look chic, it is a good idea to go for easy updos. These updos should be simple and you should be able to style them within a short time. A hairdo that that takes a lot of time and effort to style is not what you are looking for when you have to rush to work. Here we will instruct you on how to do easy updos for your hair. More on updo hairstyles.Easy Updos for Long Hair First wash your hair with a volumizing shampoo and then use a good conditioner. Let your hair air dry naturally and then brush back your hair with a paddle brush. Pull your hair into two low ponytails and secure them with elastic bands. Take half an inch section of hair from the ponytail, and curl it with the help of a curling iron. Make sure that you use the narrow barreled curling iron attachment to get tight spiral curls. Repeat this procedure until all hair in both the ponytails are completely curled. Now let the curls cool down a bit and take each section of curl in your hand and pin it at the base of the ponytail. Pin each curl in such a way that the elastic band of the ponytail is completely concealed. Now backcomb the crown area so that you create a little volume at the top. Apply a spritz of hair spray so that the hairstyle is set. Read more about updos for long hair.Easy Updos for Mid length Hair While talking about easy updos for shoulder length hair, the best one that comes to mind is the twist. It does not take more than 5 minutes to style and the best part is that it can look both casual as well as formal. As your hair is twisted and then held together with a grip or a barrette, you need hair that is not immediately washed. This is because freshly washed hair tends to be more silky and is therefore difficult to style. To create this easy updo, brush your hair with a wide toothed comb so that there are no kinks and tangles. Brush back your hair towards the center of your head and gather it to form a ponytail. Now twist all your hair either to your left or your right and secure your hair either with a grip or with bobby pins. Make sure that the grip or bobby pins are secured in such a way that they are hidden from view. Tuck any stray hair sticking out of the twist, back into the fold so that you have a sleek and neat appearance. Apply some hair spray and your easy updo is ready. You might also like to know more about easy updos for short hair.Easy Updos for Curly Hair It is a popular myth that curly hair is difficult to style. But with the right styling products and a great hairstyle, you can create an easy updo for curly hair. First, wash your hair with a curl controlling shampoo and let it dry naturally. Use a wide toothed comb to smooth out the hair and gather the hair into a high ponytail that sits on top of your crown. Now fold the ponytail upwards and form a small loop. Use bobby pins to pin the loop at the top of your head and then flatten it gently with your fingers. Apply a bit of styling serum to hold the hairstyle in place.


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In a rush? try the quick fingerwaves and short natural curl in the back, wet and go look. Easy and fast. It’s a cute and fast style that I use often.
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