Short hairstyles have always attracted a generous amount of attention and the new textured short hairstyles are a magnet when it comes to their appearance. Textured short hairstyles are meant to perk up the simplistic look of your hairstyle and make you look fabulous while preserving the natural quality of the hair.

Because short crops don’t have the length and versatility that long hairstyles have it doesn’t mean that short hairstyles can’t be styled differently according to personal preference. The latest tendencies in hairstyling are to add volume and texture and to create unique hairdos. To ensure one makes the right decision when it comes to short hairstyles you need to take into consideration your face shape as well as hair type. The suitable height of the hairdo as well as the design of the styling can help flatter your facial features and contribute to a flattering look.

The spiky or mixed textured short crops follow the same basic principles only the styling will be a bit different. There are certain tricks which involve using the fingers to create the desired effect of the hairstyle. Bangs are also a great option when it comes to this type of hairstyles as they aid facial features softening the look. Whether you are trying to style your hair spiky, in a quiff or a Rockabilly style hairdo, your textured hair will most definitely attract attention.

One of the best things when it comes to this type of haircut is that it can be suitable for any hair type. Enhanced with the right hair color for your type of complexion one can create a gorgeous and glamorous hairstyle which will enchant everyone. Go for natural hair colors as they are the new trends of the 2010 season.

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