Short hair styles are especially prone to heat and styling damage and require increased moisture (without the weight) to maintain style hold and body.  The best products for short hair styles infuse lightweight hydration and conditioning allowing thermal protection and styling ease.

Short hair can be curly, straight, sex and sophisticated.  Both thin and thick designs can be created with the right styling aids – mousse, gels, and sprays – accentuated and protected with the right hair products and styling appliances – flat irons, curling irons and blow dryers.

Protecting From Damage

While shorter hair can be easier to maintain, it requires additional care to avoid damage, split-ends and “frying”.  Flat irons and harsh shampoos can easily break and tear ends and reduce smoothness and shine – decreasing sheen and body. Overuse of styling aids can weaken protein bonds making hair less manageable and reducing elasticity.

The best products for short hair styles provide topical nutrition to maintain strength and flexibility while strengthening cellular protein structure to reduce frizz and breakage.  Shampoos and conditioners with active ingredients such as Emu Oil, Panthenol and Jojoba Oil have been shown to improve health while infusing Omega 3s and amino acids for stronger follicles while gently coating the follicle shaft and root for healthy growth.

Increasing Moisture and Strength

Emu Oil Shampoos are one of the most popular shampoos for shorter styles.  Emu Oil has been used extensively in hair products by Australians for years.  Emu Oil is a “carrier oil” – its properties allowing it to penetrate deep into the follicle shaft.  It is a natural moisturizer, anti-inflammatory and is rich in healing and protecting Omega 3’s.  Used alone, it effectively moisturizes and improves follicle health protecting from heat  and environmental damage without flattening hairstyles.

Using a “No-Weight” or lightweight conditioner is recommended.  Many conditioners provide heavy surfactants and conditioning agents.  This is fine for longer hair or if firm-hold styling aids are used.  However, for short hair many products weigh down designs and flatten and straighten styles.  Using a light-weight conditioner with botanical extracts and Panthenol condition while giving you shiny, smooth, and silky hair.

For the best products for short hair styles look for those that add moisture and styling hold while offering protection from heat and styling damage.  Moisturizing shampoos and no-weight conditioners work best and light styling aids will give you beautiful style and manageability.

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