The Unique Features Of Hair Styling Combs

People who wants to create a new hairstyle, professional or not, uses hair styling combs. They are produced with various types of materials and come in many varieties. The different sizes of hair styling combs would depend on the type of hair it is intended for. Length and spacing of the hairstyling comb’s teeth maybe closely spaced to create a smooth finish to the hair. While widely spread teeth can shape large sections of the hair in order to create texture.

Scratching of the scalp and breakage of hair is eliminated when using hair styling combs because they are designed to be dull. Damage of hair fibers can be associated with wrong usage of hair combs.

Softening of the feel and body of the hair is achieved by using the right hair styling comb. Wide combs have different shapes and sizes and works best on wet hair and wavy or curly hair. Tangles from damp hair and curly hair could be harder to remove by using closely made tooth hair styling combs, so using wide tooth combs should be considered.
Fine tooth combs are usually used for straight and hair for detangling and loosening each strand of hair for a sleeker look.

Choosing the right hair styling comb or brush for a specific style and certain type of hair is important. Round brushes would best suit in defining curls. Straightening of the hair can also be create in using this brush when a hair blower is used.

In order to create curls at the ends of the hair, larger round brushed should be used on longer length. A vent hair brush is another option, which allows air to go through for easier blow drying and styling of hair. These types of brushes can also boost volume of the hair. In addition, a paddle comb can help smoothen out the hair as well as straighten medium-long length of hair.