The short curly hairstyle falls into place on its own, so it is soft, natural, carefree, and very self styling. Also like other short hairstyles, you can wear it to any occasion or outing. These hairstyles include very short “wash and wear” layered looks, messy uniform layer cuts and top-heavy layers with short graduated bottoms

When curls are natural or even artificial (permed hair), short casual curly hairstyles are quick to create since the curls and cut determine the shape the hairstyles form. Styling generally requires some product- typically liquid gels in various forms and strengths- to keep the hair settled and styled.

Curls have a soft look about them due to their curved nature and soft appearance to the eye. The short length of this hairstyle can also be a blessing because weight and frizz can be controlled and eliminated on thick, coarse, untruly hair types.










Adrianne managed to get those cameras flashing at the GQ Celebrates 2007 “Men of the Year” event with a little help from her sassy hairdo. Her hair length was cut above her shoulders into a bob shape and featured graduating layers for volume and shape. This enhanced her loose curls and made her look stand out in the crowd.









Volume and body was the main idea for this look. Plenty of layers were cut through the back and sides to make this possible. This is great for those with naturally wavy or curly hair types.









This full and fancy ‘do has plenty of layers through the top and sides to add height and width to this look. The back has been tapered into the nape for a sharp and clean finish.

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