Back in the days changing a hairstyle used to be a game of luck. Those who dared would put their hair through several irreversible transformations just to find that perfect look. However, often times the reward for such bravery was: “I can’t let people see me like this!” Well, those days are gone now thanks to the virtual hairstyle makeover tools. Virtual hairstyle makeover allows you to try thousands of new hairstyles risk-free with a click of a button.

Here are some advantages of virtual hairstyle makeover:

* Choose your virtual hairstyle makeover from thousands of options: a combination of thousands of hairstyles, hundreds of colors, tones and highlights. You are no longer limited to those few magazines that you find at your beauty salon.

* Find your best look before heading out to a hair salon. And this time you’re not having your style changed by your stylist – you are finally getting a hairstyle that you know will be the best fit.

* Share your virtual hairstyle makeover ideas with friends and family before making a final decision. No more “Oh my God! What did you do to yourself?” kind of stuff. Just print the picture out or email it.

* Get the latest celebrity hairstyles. Whether it’s seen at Oscars, Emmys or Grammys, you can have the same look thanks to virtual hairstyle makeover websites.

There are hundreds of virtual hairstyle makeover tools out there. So which one should you choose? I recommend making your selection based on these:

1. Check how many hairstyle and color choices they can offer. It’s really hard to find a satisfying combination out of just 100 options, look for the ones that offer more than a thousand variations.

2. Ask how many of your own photos you can upload to use with their makeover tool. Some offer just one upload, but you don’t want to limit yourself.

3. Find out how complete their service is. Is it just a makeover tool or a comprehensive virtual hair salon where you can also get professional advice, related news, articles and tips.

4. Be sure to ask for a free virtual hair style. A free trial or demo means that a service provider is confident that you’ll like what you’ll see.

5. Look for a complete package. Your new hairstyle may dictate some changes in accessory items or cosmetics as well. Advanced virtual hairstyle makeover websites allow you to compliment your new hairstyle with a selection of facial makeup, glasses, jewelry, etc.

Once you find the virtual hairstyle makeover service that suits your needs, keep these factors in mind when choosing your new hairstyle: the shape of your face, current condition of your hair such as thickness and elasticity. Additional costs that may be related to your new style should not be overlooked either. Ask yourself if the style of your choice will make you visit your stylist more often than usual; will it require special care, products or equipment?

Changing your hairstyle may very well change your life. Be sure to take advantage of virtual hairstyle makeover tools when making this important decision. Happy styling!

Author Olivia Beaufort is a freelance writer specializing in health and beauty industry. Click here to read her review of premium Virtual Hairstyle Makeover websites.