Five Great Wedding Hair Styles!

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Every woman deserves to look her best on her wedding day. From the dress, to the makeup, to the hair style; it all has to work together to create a desired look. Choosing the dress can be one of the biggest decisions a woman makes before her wedding, therefore it is important to get the dress sorted early on in the wedding plans. Once the dress is chosen, all other elements of the bridal look can then come into place around the dress.

How to wear your hair on your wedding day is a huge decision. Your decision will be influenced by your dress, your own personal style, your face shape and by the sort of hair you have naturally. Most women will have an idea of how they want to look on their big day and here are five great looks, each of which would be perfect for a bride on her wedding day.

Lots of people associate bridal hair with a classic updo. It is sophisticated and elegant and is the perfect way of showing the shoulders and neck in a strapless gown. A sophisticated updo is always a popular choice amongst brides-to-be. The bride and her stylist can experiment with curls and twists in order to create a desired bridal look. This is especially appropriate for a formal wedding.

This classic style is best for hair that is medium in length and is straight and medium to thick. However, the look can be achieved on most hair types, even if you have fine hair you can create your desired style by making use of hair extensions or a clip-on hair piece.

If you are looking for a more modern look then you could try a modern twist on the formal classic updo. You can do this by adding a softer and more romantic look with ringlets or experimenting with decorative hairpins, tiaras or combs. With this look the more tousled the better and the look can be achieved with hair of all lengths and textures.

It is a common misconception that a bride should always wear her hair up. There has been a recent trend amongst brides and especially celebrity brides of wearing their hair long and loose. As long as your hair is in good condition you can either wear is sleek and straight or experiment with romantic, cascading curls. If you don’t want to go the whole way and wear all of your hair down you could try pulling half your hair back in a “half-updo” for a more formal look.

You can also accessorise with a classic headband style tiara or a veil for a simple yet elegant look. If you are going for a traditional bride look then you can combine a graceful tiara or headband with an elegant veil. The veil can then easily be removed after the ceremony if need be.

Don’t worry if your hair is short, you can still create a beautiful bridal look. Short haired brides should make the most of simple accessories for a fun, sophisticated and unique look. Tiaras, headbands or decorative hair pins can be used to create a beautiful and timeless look for short bridal hair. Even short haired brides can wear their hair curly if they want!

Curly hair is great for creating a romantic, beautiful bridal look. Lots of brides will use heated appliances to create perfect curls but if you are lucky enough to have naturally curly hair then you should work with its natural texture to create a stunning look. With curly hair you can wear it up, down or even half-up and accessories will perfectly off-set your curls.

However you decide to wear your hair on your special day you need to make sure that you are 100% happy with your look and make sure you practice your style with your stylist a few times before the big day.

Inanch London won the award for Bridal Look of the Year at the recent Great Lengths Hair Extensions Awards held at the glitzy Mayfair Hotel in Central London on 12th September 2010.

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Hair Extensions! Your Dream Wedding Hair Style Secret?

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Every girl dreams of her wedding day! How absolutely fun it is to plan! You can express your personal style in everything for this special day.

After the engagement, the plans start becoming reality.? The hurdle most parents and bride have to get over is the cost. The bride and parents budget for all of the normal wedding costs.? These are a few of the normal wedding costs.


Engagement photos

Ceremony location

Minister to marry them

Ceremony music

Ceremony flowers

Ceremony candles and decorations



Wedding dress



Dinner costs


Wedding cake

Party favors

Rental equipment


After spending so much time and effort in planning for the wedding, many brides do not consider the cost of other personal services when they budget their wedding.? Every bride wants to look her absolute best for her day.? However, many brides forget about the extra costs of hair styling, makeup, manicure, and other personal services.

Some brides have found a way to express their own style and flair in their hair and beauty in an economical way.? What’s their secret?? They are turning to clip-on hair extensions to help them look their best for this special occasion.? This is the “hottest” beauty item today!? Whether they want a glamorous updo or long beautiful flowing locks, hair extensions can give them this in an instant.?

Why would a bride need hair extensions?? For women with thin or fine hair, extensions can give them length, volume and thickness.? These would allow them to try new hair styles without a professional.?? The more hair they have the more dramatic styles that can be created.? Women want to look and be special!? Imagine transforming your short to medium hair styles into long free-flowing locks or a fabulous updo just for this special occasion!?

What types of clip-on hair extensions are there?? A couple types of hair extensions are natural human hair or synthetic. Natural hair extensions are considerably more expensive. The advantages with these is that they can be colored, curled, set, or treated. Applying natural hair extensions should be done by a licensed cosmetologist. They can be weaved or glued onto one’s hair. You could easily spend up to $2,000 on this type of extension. Synthetic hair extensions are less expensive but you cannot use a hair dryer on them, set them or color them. They are attached with a small clip. They can be put in and out in an instant.? Most extensions come in a variety of colors to match your own hair.? The extensions blend many color tones to give a highlighting effect.?

Brides have fallen in love with these hair extensions not only for their wedding day but also for the ease of changing their hair look for their honeymoon.? They can change their hair style to match their trendy fashions.? Maybe they want ponytail curls or a long and sleek style!? The extensions can be removed one day and clipped back in again for another event.? How fun!

As my daughter and I are planning her special wedding day, we are experimenting with hair extensions for that perfect hair style for her veil and dress.? Her dream wedding is right around the corner.? Hope your wedding day is as you dreamed it would be! When planning your dream wedding remember this little hair styling secret.? You will look gorgeous without going over budget.? The possibilities are endless!

Mary Bertsch,
Independent Avon Sales Representative,
Unit Leader

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Celebrity Wedding Hair Styles

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We all love a good celebrity wedding. Especially if they sell their story to the magazines and we get to see exactly what dress they were wearing, how they wore their hair and what the reception looked like. Of course most celeb weddings are more lavish and grandiose than most of us could ever recreate, but they are a useful source of inspiration. You may be able to recreate bits and pieces of your favourite celebrity couple’s wedding such as the colour theme or the way the bride styled her hair.

Getting as many ideas as possible without being over-whelmed is the key to planning the perfect wedding. You can take inspiration from wedding fashion magazines and by looking at how others do it, this includes celebrities. As a society we have a huge fascination with celebrities, what they wear, what they do and especially how they get married. A wedding is a perfect excuse for a celebrity to spend vast amounts of money on a lavish celebration.

The hair styles of famous brides have always been a matter of interest to the public in general and, of course, to brides in particular as they plan their own wedding. In fact, they are one of the best sources of dream wedding beauty inspiration. There are plenty of magazines that specifically cover celebrity weddings so you are sure to be able to find some amazing inspiration.

Wedding style completely depends on what the bride wants to look like and her own personal style. One of the biggest mistakes a lot of brides make is to change their own style nearly beyond recognition when it comes to the wedding day. You still want to look like yourself on your big day, just a better version of you. Katharine McPhee was married in 2009 and wore her hair down in a very natural style on her wedding day. She commented that some brides tend to go overboard and drastically change their look for their wedding and she just wanted to look like herself.

The way you choose to wear your hair on your big day will largely depend on the location of your wedding. For example, if you opt for a countryside wedding then you may want to channel a bohemian look and accessorise with delicate flowers, or if you choose a grand church you may want to stick to a more formal style.

When Mariah Carey married Nick Cannon back in 2008 they chose to have the ceremony on a beach in the Bahamas. She mirrored the tropical location by wearing her hair in a similar way to her signature every day style, down and wavy with beautiful curls.

Eva Longoria Parker chose to wear her hair in a simple but sweet long, loose hair style with big waves for her wedding day. She is known for her fancy and sometime dramatic hair styles on the red carpet but for her wedding she opted for a more feminine and pretty style. Ultimately, every bride will have an idea of how they want to look on their wedding day and it is essential that they stick to this idea.

Catherine Zeta Jones opted for a big dramatic updo at her wedding. Her thick long hair was wrapped up and rested in a big bun on top of her head. She then accessorised with a unique and intricate bridal headband. This matched her full-length gown perfectly as it too was dramatic yet elegant.

Avril Lavigne showed the rest of us how to do modern verging on sexy bride with her pretty bright blonde waves back in 2006.

A bride’s hair style on her big day depends on various factors including location and dress but the most important thing is that she feels happy and comfortable with how she looks. Her appearance should fit in with her personality and own personal style and shouldn’t be a huge departure from her usual appearance. If you feel happy with how you look on your wedding day then it will show in your pictures and it will be a day to remember for the rest of your lives together!

Inanch London won the award for Bridal Look of the Year at the recent Great Lengths Hair Extensions Awards held at the glitzy Mayfair Hotel in Central London on 12th September 2010.

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How to Get the Best Wedding Hair Styles

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Wedding day is a big day for everyone. There are so many things we need to prepare to realize our wedding dream. For all brides, it is important to prepare everything to get the perfect beautiful look. It is not only the wedding dress that is needed to be prepared. You need to pay much attention to your hair style too. You need to prepare it at least 6 months before your wedding day. You need to meet your hairstylist and discuss the possible wedding hair styles that are suitable for you. You also need to match it with the veil or tiara you are going to wear on your wedding day.

You can also make appointment with your hairdresser to practice different wedding hair styles. You’d better try out with different tiaras, veils, and flowers too to find the best match for your hair do. Find many inspirations for your hair do from any resources. You can collect wedding hair style pictures from internet or magazines and ask your hairdresser to try them out to find the most suitable one. You need to have this practice at least 4 months before your special day. Take a photographs for every hair do you have done. It helps you to remember it so you can compare all of them when your big day is getting closer to find the perfect one.

It’s better for you to have conditioning treatments at least 3 months before your wedding day. It will make your hair being on its best condition at your big day. Good hair condition will make any wedding hair styles you have look more perfect. In this moment, please remember to avoid any harsh styling methods and equipments. Finalize your hair style one month before the D-day. The most important thing is don’t forget to book your hairdresser for your wedding day.

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Choosing Wedding Hair Styles – 9 Tips To Select A Gorgeous Style

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On the wedding day every girl wishes to look at her best. After all, it is the most cherished moment of her life. It is the day when she would commit her love for her groom amidst their family, relatives & friends. On this day even the very pretty looking girls plan on their looks so much so that they look different from the usual & phenomenally beautiful of course.

The decisions that you take for this day are very important & are equally risky as well. With out a good professional advice choosing your make up & style for the wedding is a real tough one. And in our fast lives today it is indeed very tough to chalk the time to try on every possible make up & hair style & then decide for your self!

So, to keep up with the latest bridal trends, better set aside some budget for the professional stylist to help you with your make up & hairstyle.

Following below are some tips to help you make the key decisions regarding your hair styling & make up for the day of the wedding:

1. Choose some natural looking make up

No on would like to look like a heavily painted doll when the guests come close to greet the couple. So you must choose a very natural looking make up for your self. You must also take care that the make up you choose must look great in the wedding pictures.

2. Get a facial done.

Facial eliminates all the stress marks caused on the face due to the tensions of the preparing of the wedding. It cleanses your skin & makes you look brighter for the big day.

3. Have enough time on hand.

You must make sure to have enough time for your make up & hair dressing. Visit your hair stylist at least six weeks prior to the wedding so that they can go ahead with some minor changes needed in the hair. Also, in case you are planning to change your hair style, the hair color, or the length of the hair, you might also need time up to 6 months or so.

4. Meet the hair dresser & seek an appointment.

You must prefer a hair dresser recommended by some one close in the friends and / or family. While we all seek appointment for the wedding day, seek some extra appointments and show the professional some snaps of the kind of style, dress & head pieces you wish to have on your big day. Also discuss with the professional in detail regarding the apt color, texture & style.

5. For permed or relaxed hair

In case you plan to have permed or relaxed hair, discuss it with your hair stylist. Check if they think that this procedure is safe or would it damage your hair. Damaged hair of course would never look good & they are also very difficult to style. Nowm still if you want to try these, make sure you have enough time on hand in case the experiment turns a flop for any reason.

6. Coloring your hair.

Let the professional help you decide the shade in case you are thinking of dyeing or coloring your hair. The shade you choose must suit your skin tone & the color of your eyes. Also make sure that you first try the shade you decide on with the temporary dye first.

7. Hair Style must match with the cut of your wedding gown.

Make sure that the hair style you choose is quite in tandem with the cuts & shape of your wedding gown. For instance, with a simple gown, go for something very uncomplicated. You must also make sure that the hair style you choose does not call for much care as on your big day you shall have ‘n’ number of things to take of.

8. For the short hair.

Those girls who have short hair may try highlighting to ad some richness to their style. Try undergoing some hair treatments or with a professional advice use some products that would add shine to your hair. For short hair other tips to get that glory are getting a multi-textured look done or may be putting up some flowers.

9. For the long hair.

Those who have long hair can try some very elegant & classy looks with their hair tied up with a rich style. This makes the job of handling the hair quite easy as well, as the day for you would be too long with numerous other things to look up to.

Now along with these tips, gather as much information as you can from a professional hair stylist and get started with the planning of your big day in full fling!

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