Planning your wedding hair style is crucial to achieve a beautiful wedding day look. There is a little work involved and you should never leave this important facet of your wedding to the last minute, or to amateurs.

Below are 7 common mistakes that many brides make with their wedding day hair styles.

1. You don’t schedule a trial run with a professional stylist, or even try to do you hair on your own advance. Even if you are doing your own hair, you will need to do a trial run to make sure you can do your hair exactly the way that you want.

2. You show up to your stylist on the day of your wedding wearing a T-shirt and sweatpants. Nothing wrong with the sweatpants, but the T-shirt represents disaster waiting to happen. When you pull the T-shirt over your head to take it off, your bridal hair style will get all messed up. Be sure to wear a button-down shirt when you get your hair done on your wedding day.

3. You remove your veil for the reception and make a mess of your hair style. Let your hair stylist take care of removing your veil. If he or she will not be at your wedding, have her/him instruct a member of the bridal party how to remove the veil without destroying your hair.

4. You use conditioner in your hair on the day of your wedding. This is a big NO-NO according to many professional stylists. Conditioner in your hair can make it too flyaway to work with, in turn causing your style to fall out.

5. You let your hair grow out 6-months to 1-year before your wedding and you plan to wear it in an updo. Most updos require hair that is 3-4 inches past the shoulders. When your hair is too long, it will be difficult to work with and the style may not hold as well.

6. You decide 1 week before your wedding to get a perm, change your hair color, add highlights or anything else that is dramatic. These decisions so close to your wedding day are usually based on stress. Don’t make drastic changes right before your wedding. You may be very sorry!

7. You are annoyed by hair pins and hairspray. If you do not let your hair stylist use enough hair pins and hairspray to create your wedding updo, the style may fall out half way thru the ceremony. Let the stylist do his or her work and use all the pins and hairspray needed.

In short, wedding hair styles require pre-planning. You will be looking at photos for many years of your wedding day, so make the hair style work so you can enjoy your big day.

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