When you are planning for your wedding, you will spend a lot of time to find your wedding cake, reception venue, wedding invitation and so one. These are items for the wedding itself. In fact, you also want to be the most beautiful bride on the wedding day. You may have been spending plenty of time on choosing your gown and make up artist. When it comes to your hair style, you will also try to search for the best so that you can have a perfect total look on your big day.

Choosing the hair stylist

The best way to choose your hair stylist is to experiment yourself. It is a good idea that you can approach different salon and try different styles before your big day and it will be certainly a time consuming task. You may even need to start this work a year before your wedding in order to get the best choice. On the other hand, if you already know a stylist that you can trust, you can jump to the decision that you choose him or her as your hair stylist on your big day.

Communication and discussion

There is no doubt that the key to get a perfect hair style is certainly choosing a good hair stylist. It will be even more perfect if your hair stylist is at the same time your make up artist. If the make up artist and hair stylist are two individuals, you should arrange some time for them to communicate so that they can perform as a team on your big day.

Besides, you should also discuss with your hair stylist what kind of hair style will best suit the shape of your face. Of course you have to take the make up as a factor when you are discussing on that.


In order to make sure every detail of you will look good on your big day. You should also arrange some time for your hair stylist to have mock-up of your hair style. Some hair stylist will charge you extra for that and some may not. However, even if the stylist will charge you extra, no one will deny that it is worth spending the money for the mock-up. You should ask if there will be any extra charge for the mock-up sessions.

You should never let your hair stylist do the work without the mock-up session since it will be at your own risk on your big day. It will really be a pity if you cannot get the most perfect look on your wedding day.

Matching your hair style to your gown

As a tradition you may not put on your gown before your wedding day. To this end there may be no way to do the mock-up with your gown on. However, you may show your hair stylist your gown to let him or her imagine what you will look like with your gown on. This is very important that by this way you can make sure that your hair style will match your gown.

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